How to grow Euphorbia Enopla

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

How to grow Euphorbia Enopla

In the breeding process of Euphorbia Enopla, full sunshine should be given in the usual curing, especially in winter, light can be seen all day long, and the temperature should be controlled around 25℃ ~ 28℃. It is best to control the temperature between 25℃ and 28℃. Do not overwater, and water thoroughly every time and evenly.

Euphorbia Enopla

Euphorbia Enopla breeding method

1, suitable light

Euphorbia Enopla, like other plants, has a great demand for illumination. Generally, full sunshine should be given in maintenance at ordinary times. Especially in winter, light can be seen all day long, and no shade or shade should be placed in the dark.

2. Temperature control

Temperature is one of the breeding methods and precautions for Euphorbia Enopla. Euphorbia enopla likes to grow in warmer places, so it is best to control the temperature between 25℃ and 28℃ during the growth period, and it is beneficial for plant growth if the temperature is no more than 30℃. In winter, it must be kept above 5℃ to safely winter.

3. Watering requirements

Euphorbia Enopla should not be watered too much at ordinary times. If the watering is uneven or overwatered carelessly, the plant will rot, so during the watering process, the plant should be watered thoroughly at one time without water in the pot soil. If the pot soil is not well watered, you can soak the pot in water until the pot soil is soaked.

Euphorbia Enopla

4. Apply fertilizer rationally

In the early stage of growth, 5 ~ 10 fertilizer particles can be buried into the basin soil, generally every 7 ~ 10 days to apply once. If the growth is good, you can appropriately increase the number of fertilizations. In addition, the amount of fertilization can be appropriately reduced.

Matters needing attention when breeding Euphorbia Enopla

As the root of euphorbia enopla is succulent, it usually needs to change the basin once every 1 to 2 years. During the process of changing the basin, the former soil should be changed to avoid the breeding of germs and root rot. At this time, pruning and plastic treatment are also needed to make the plant grow prettier after changing the basin.

Euphorbia Enopla