How to grow Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

In growing Eupatorium fortunei Turcz, loose soil is prepared from peat, field soil, and bark patches in a 2:2:1 and paved with small stones shall be provided. Water once every 3 days, spray water every day in summer. Bean cake water should be administered every half month during the growing season, and branches and leaves of Eupatorium fortunei Turcz should be pruned in time.

Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

1. Drainage soil for Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

Eupatorium Fortunei Turcz is very delicate and requires a choice of soil suitable for cultivation in conservation. Peat soil, pastoral soil and bark block can be prepared according to the ratio of 2:2:1, so as to keep the loose and breathable soil and enhance its drainage function.

2. Soil paving for Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

In the cultivation of Eupatorium fortunei Turcz, good paving is also a key to how eupatorium fortunei turcz is cultivated. After being seeded into the soil, a layer of small stone grains on the surface is required to better regulate water and prevent putrefaction in the eupatorium fortunei Turcz root.

3. Water properly for Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

After planting Eupatorium Fortunei Turcz, it needs to be well watered. When watering the first time, the soil should be watered thoroughly to make it have enough water for growth. Then in the maintenance it needs 2 ~ 3 days watering,, In summer, carry out every day leaf watering, so that its evaporation of water to be replenished. Water less in winter and water only once a week.

4. Illumination temperature for Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

Do not leave Eupatorium fortunei Turcz outdoors for maintenance in the spring when temperatures are too low. They are vulnerable to chilling effects and freezing hazards. In summer, it is necessary to pay attention to shading. Shading should be carried out in a timely manner to prevent leaf sunburn.

5. Apply light fertilizer for Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

Care should also be taken to apply light fertilizer when curing Eupatorium fortunei Turcz to prevent excessive density of fertilizer resulting in root burning in bluegrass. In general, once every half a month during the growing season of Eupatorium Fortunei Turcz, a soya cake water or potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution should be applied. Stop fertilizer in summer and winter to prevent the accumulation of fertilizer that can not be absorbed.

Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

6, timely pruning for Eupatorium fortunei Turcz

Timely pruning of Eupatorium fortunei Turcz is also important for the healthy growth of bluegrass. In the presence of diseased yellow and dead leaves on Eupatorium Fortunei Turcz, cut them out in time with scissors to prevent infection of other leaves. At the same time to build a good ventilation environment, so that its healthy growth.

7. Eupatorium fortunei Turcz Propagation

(1) Sowing Propagation

Prior to seeding propagation, the Eupatorium fortunei Turcz should be prepared with the Eupatorium seed and the sown soil to be loose and breathable. The seeds were then sown on the soil, watered to make the pot soil wet, covered with plastic film for heat preservation and moisturizing, and then the seeds germinated half a month later for normal curing.

(2) Plant Separation propagation

Separated from the mature Eupatorium Fortunei Turcz, separated into small plants, and then placed in a cool region to dry the wound. When planted, hold the Eupatorium fortunei Turcz leaf with one hand and fill the soil with one hand so that the root system is slowly covered in the soil, then gently press the soil down and pour through the water. New roots will emerge in about 20 days or so.

Eupatorium fortunei Turcz