How to grow Echeveria Rasberry ice

Written by Maggie

Dec 08 2020

How to grow Echeveria Rasberry ice

Echeveria Rasberry ice's breeding is not difficult. Give it with a pot of good soil foundation soil, it can add some rotting leaves, Echeveria Rasberry ice after planting. Don't often give it watering, keep the soil mois. It is best to put it in a place where it can be long-term exposure to the astigmatism of aquaculture, aquaculture can apply to it every three months during the process of thin fat at a time.

Echeveria Rasberry ice

1. Choose the soil for Echeveria Rasberry ice

Echeveria Rasberry ice grows slowly, many people don't know how to raise Echeveria Rasberry. First of all, to choose a suitable soil, choose a pot of loose soil, good drainage, fertile soil, the soil inside can with some rotting leaves. We can put a few small stones or tiles on the soil, and later Echeveria Rasberry ice will develop the root system.

2. Water properly for Echeveria Rasberry ice

The Echeveria Rasberry Ice cannot be watered too much in the early stage, otherwise its roots and leaves will rot. After a month or so, water can be gradually increased. Spring and autumn are the growth season of Echeveria Rasberry Ice, and water should be replenished in time.

Echeveria Rasberry ice

3. Give enough sunlight to Echeveria Rasberry ice

Echeveria Rasberry Ice is a kind of succulent plant that likes sunshine. It can grow well if it gets enough sunshine. As long as it is not exposed to the sun, it can be kept in the place where it can be exposed to astigmatism for a long time, so as to ensure it has sufficient sunshine and avoid the damage caused by long exposure.

4. Fertilizer supply for Echeveria Rasberry ice

Echeveria Rasberry Ice does not have a high requirement for nutrients. If nutrients are applied to the basal soil, it can be given thin fertilizer every three months in the later period. If the basal soil before contains no nutrients, it would be better to give it thin fertilizer once a month or so, and it can be applied about 2 times in the growth period.

Echeveria Rasberry ice