How to grow Echeveria cante

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow Echeveria cante

The growing of the succulent Echeveria Cante first requires sufficient light. Frequent exposure to light changes the color of the leaves, making the plant more ornamental.The soil needs to be breathable.Don't overwater. Wait until the soil dries out.In winter, it is kept indoors and kept at room temperature above 5℃.Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer mainly, less nitrogen fertilizer.

Echeveria Cante

1, Light for Echeveria Cante

Regarding how the succulent Echeveria Cante is raised, light is an important factor in determining the value of the Echeveria Cante.Because the leaves of Echeveria Cante react to the intensity of light and receive direct sunlight for a long time, the edges of the leaves are slightly red and the surface is white, and the parts that cannot be exposed to sunlight inside also reveal light green, which is very lovely.

2, Soil for Echeveria Cante

Echeveria Cante is farmed in the same pot soil as any other succulent plant, only with a certain amount of air permeability and good drainage.A layer of granular material can be applied to the bottom of the basin as a drainage layer.

3, Water for Echeveria Cante

Water succulent plants should not be too much. Water Echeveria Cante mainly to keep the soil dry. Generally, wait for the soil to dry thoroughly and then water it thoroughly for 2-3 days.Be careful not to have stagnant water when watering, otherwise the roots will rot easily.

Echeveria Cante

4, Temperature for Echeveria Cante

Echeveria Cante is a plant that does not tolerate cold and grows best between 12 ℃ and 22℃.Keep it indoors in winter and keep the room temperature above 5℃.If it clears up during the day, it can be taken out in the sun to help it grow better.

5, Fertilization for Echeveria Cante

Fertilize Echeveria Cante with small amounts and thin fertilizer, mainly phosphorus and potash fertilizer.Apply fertilizing Mainly in the spring and autumn, and it does not need fertilizer in summer and winter.Use less nitrogen fertilizer. If too much nitrogen fertilizer is applied, the growth of Echeveria Cante will be too high, affecting the ornamental value.

Echeveria Cante