How to grow Dudleya

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

How to grow Dudleya

Dudleya should be watered every 2 ~ 3 days to avoid direct glare and the temperature should be controlled between 18 ~ 25℃. Besides, it should be fertilized once a month in spring and autumn and stopped in winter and summer. The mixed soil of peat soil and granular soil prepared by 1:4 should be provided.It should be noted that the root should be repaired once every 1 ~ 2 years, and the ventilation should be increased to make it grow vigorously.


Breeding methods of Dudleya

1. Scattered light

Dudleya prefers light and needs to be provided with sufficient scattered light to enable it to thrive and grow in a better state. Dudleya looks more beautiful and has better ornamental value.However, be careful not to expose to direct light and shade the leaves of Dudleya properly in summer to prevent sunburn and decay and death.

2. Appropriate temperature and humidity

Dudleya should be watered correctly, and should be watered once every 2 ~ 3 days in the flourishing period, and should be kept wet in winter, with little or no water in dormancy, so as to avoid the accumulation and rot of roots. Dudleya should be kept at the ambient temperature of 18 ~ 25℃, and the high temperature of 35℃ should be avoided in summer.

3. Fertilize in spring and Autumn

In Dudleya's breeding methods and precautions, it should be noted that no fertilizer should be applied in winter and summer, and the thin fertilizer should be applied frequently in spring and autumn. A thin amount of potash fertilizer should be applied once a month, and then the fertilizer should be watered again to make the fertilizer better absorbed by Dudleya. Do not splash the fertilizer on the leaves to avoid poor growth.

4. Suitable soil

During breeding, Dudleya should also be planted in suitable soil. Peat and granular soil are usually mixed in a ratio of 1:4 to form a loose and breathable soil, which allows Dudleya's roots to breathe freely in the soil and have good drainage and air permeability, so that Dudleya's roots can flourish.


Dudleya breeding matters needing attention

1. Root and basin

Dudleya is relatively fast growing, so it should be noted that it should be changed every 1 to 2 years in order to provide ample room for its growth.The root system of Dudleya should be pruned properly when changing pots to avoid the influence of withered and rotten roots on the normal growth of Dudleya. The pot should be larger than the Dudleya plants.

2. Increase ventilation

When breeding, Dudleya should not be placed in a hot and stuffy place without ventilation, which may easily lead to the breeding of pathogens and insect pests such as leaf spot.To increase ventilation, it is best to position it next to a well-ventilated window so that Dudleya can thrive in fresh air.