How to grow Crasula cv. Spring Time

Written by Maggie

Dec 07 2020

How to grow Crasula cv. Spring Time

Crasula Cv.Spring Time is a kind of peculiar succulent plant. When Spring comes, Crasula Cv.Spring Time will bloom every year. It is fragrant and fragrant.This kind of plant can grow very well without artificial fertilization. Usually, it only needs to pay attention to soil, watering, light and temperature during maintenance.Of course, if you want to grow fast, you need to breed.

Crasula Cv.Spring Time

1. Suitable soil for Crasula Cv.Spring Time 

When selecting medium for Crasula Cv.spring Time succulents, be sure to select soils that are well drained and breathable.It's good to mix some cinder with peat. It's best to separate the Crasula Cv.spring Time plants from the soil surface for easier ventilation.Succulents are especially afraid of waterlogging, so pot soil must be good at drainage!

2. Water properly for Crasula Cv.Spring Time

Be sure to limit the amount of succulent water you water your Crasula Cv.spring Time. Water your Crasula Cv.spring Time once a month during Spring and summer.Water once a week at high temperatures in summer;Stop watering in winter when the temperature drops below 5 degrees Celsius to keep the soil dry.Usually if the soil is not dry do not need to water, if it is dry, water a permeable amount.

Crasula Cv.Spring Time

3. Reasonable lighting for Crasula Cv.Spring Time

Spring and summer is the most meaty season for Crasula Cvs.Spring Time and we can give it a full day of light, even the strong summer light Crasula CVs.Spring Time can resist, so don't worry about being sunburnt.For Crasula Cv.spring Time blossom, you need as much light as possible.In the winter, put it indoors in the sun, which will encourage the Crasula Cv-Spring Time to bloom the following year.

4. Control the temperature for Crasula Cv.Spring Time

The temperature suitable for the growth of Crasula Cv. Spring Time is between 10 ~ 25℃. If the temperature is too high in summer, it will make the Crasula Cv. Spring Time enters a short dormant period.In the winter, the temperature should not be lower than 3℃, avoid frostbite and death. In the winter, the soil must be kept dry, otherwise the roots will rot.

Crasula Cv.Spring Time