How to grow Crassula sp

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

How to grow Crassula sp

Turn over a basin in soil for Crassula sp every 2 ~ 3 years, also made from peat, perlite, stone slag mixed matrix.At ordinary times it also needs to be put in a good light, once every 10 days will be wet soil surface, blade lost colour and lustre of topdressing fertilizer. We should pay attention to the winter temperature control at 5 ℃ or more.

 Crassula sp

The breeding method of Crassula SP

1. Turn the pot and change the soil

Crassula SP is easy to consolidate the soil in the process of cultivation. It is usually necessary to timely loosen the soil when it becomes consolidated, and turn over the basin and change the soil every 2 to 3 years. crassula sp can be cultivated in pottery basins and plastic basins with a diameter of 10cm, or peat soil, perlite and stone residue can be mixed as matrix.

2. Get plenty of light

In fact, in the breeding method and precautions of Crassula SP, the Crassula SP should be placed in the place with good light for breeding at ordinary times. If the Crassula SP is not exposed to light for a long time, its leaves will gradually lose color and reduce its ornamental value. Especially, illumination in winter can help the Crassula SP to survive in winter.

3. Water and fertilizer management

Crassula SP can thrive in a warm and dry environment. It does not need to provide a large amount of water, and the soil surface can usually be wet every 10 days. Moreover, Crassula SP does not have a high demand for nutrients, so it is generally not necessary to fertilize Crassula SP.

4. Plant separation and propagation

Generally, when turning the pot and changing the soil for Crassula SP, 2 ~ 3 sub-plants with root whiskers can be separated from the root of Crassula SP. The root whiskers can be cleaned and put in the shade to wait for the healing of the separation place of Crassula SP. Then, they can be potted into different containers to make the sub-plants of Crassula SP burst the pot.

 Crassula sp

Matters needing attention for the breeding of Crassula SP

1. Keep warm in winter

Although Crassula SP is highly adaptive to the environment, it's cold tolerance is not strong. If its growth temperature is lower than 10℃, the plants will stop growing. Usually in winter, it can be covered with plastic bags or the temperature can be controlled above 5℃ by turning on the heating to prevent frostbite.

2. Disease and insect control

Although Crassula SP is very difficult to suffer from pests and diseases, if the environment is not ventilated, it is also easy to suffer from aphids and other diseases and pests. Generally, DDV can be sprayed every other month in summer for prevention and control. If Crassula SP suffers from pests and diseases, it is necessary to improve its growth environment and spray deltamethrin emulsion for prevention and control.

 Crassula sp