Conophytum minimum wittebergense care guide

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

Conophytum minimum wittebergense care guide

Conophytum minimum wittebergense propagation needs to use lime soil, sand and perlite basin soil. According to the proportion of 5:3:2 mixed, do more at ordinary times the right amount to water the soil with a slightly damp, half a month fertilizer, but also to put Conophytum wittebergense under the environment of astigmatism, prompting them to grow well. During the winter in the north, move conophytum minimum indoors, and control the temperature is more than 5 ℃.

Conophytum minimum wittebergense

Conophytum minimum wittebergense care

1. Soil requirements of Conophytum minimum wittebergense

The soil requirements of conophytum minimum are relatively high, do not adapt to the planting into the basin, go against the growth of conophytum minimum. We need to use peat soil, sandy soil, perlite according to the 5:3:2 ratio of mixed do basin soil, suggesting every 1 ~ 2 years turn over the basin for soil, so it can grow well.

2. Water and fertilizer management of Conophytum minimum wittebergense

In fact, the conophytum minimum raising method is particularly simple. Water and fertilizer management is a very important step. Usually, in the process of breeding, we need to keep the soil micro wet, every 3 to 5 days of irrigation water, but also every half a month for conophytum minimum fertilizer. If in the dormant period, we need to control the amount of watering fertilizer.

Conophytum minimum wittebergense

3. Proper lighting for Conophytum minimum wittebergense

Conophytum minimum tolerance is stronger, but can not get the light for a long time. It is recommended to put conophytum minimum at ordinary times in the environment of sunshine, ventilation and breeding. In the summer, conophytum minimum can be put in the shade, astigmatism under the environment breeding, and it can be in the soil explosion basin growth.

4. Keep warm in winter for Conophytum minimum wittebergense

Usually the temperature difference between the north and south of the climate is relatively large, conophytum minimum has a certain cold resistance. In the southern region in winter,  the soil requirements under the sun can be cultured. In the northern winter, Conophytum wittebergense needs to be moved to the room at night. Keep the temperature 5℃ above to prevent frostbite.

Precautions for growing Conophytum minimum wittebergense

1. Turn the pot and change the soil for conophytum wittebergense

In the process of Conophytum minimum breeding, it is necessary to turn the pot and change the soil every two years. In the process of turning the pot and changing the soil, attention should be paid not to hurt the root of the Conophytum minimum, otherwise it will be easy to make the root rot, making it unable to grow normally in the soil. It is also necessary to prepare loose, well-drained basin soil for planting.

2. Water and fertilizer management for conophytum wittebergense

Generally, in the matters needing attention in the breeding of conophytum wittebergense, they like to grow in moist soil and need to be watered in a timely manner, but conophytum wittebergense should not be watered frequently, otherwise the roots are easy to rot, and they should not be fertilized frequently. conophytum wittebergense can be fertilized every half month in spring and autumn.

Conophytum minimum wittebergense