How to grow cheveria Rainbow

Written by Maggie

Dec 02 2020

How to grow cheveria Rainbow

Cheveria Rainbow needs to be placed in the sun and carefully preserved to make its leaves more colorful and increase their ornamental value. In addition, it needs to keep the soil slightly wet. Don't water it frequently, just use the right amount of topdressing. It also needs to be turned over for soil conservation every year. When suffering from pests and diseases, it is necessary to spray corresponding insecticides for prevention and control.

Cheveria Rainbow

1. Get plenty of light for Cheveria Rainbow

Cheveria Rainbow is a plant that loves the sun. Usually in the process of farming, whether outdoors or indoors, it needs to be placed in the sun. Only with the help of sunlight can the leaves appear pink and purple, increasing the ornamental value of the plant. But we need shade to conserve in summer.

2. Water and fertilizer management of Cheveria Rainbow

Cheveria Rainbow is actually very drought-tolerant. Do not give it frequent watering when breeding at ordinary times. In the summer we can increase the watering. Although its nutrient requirements are not high, if it is fertilized during growth, poor plant growth can be avoided.

Cheveria Rainbow

3. Turn the pot and change the soil for Cheveria Rainbow

Usually, in cheveria Rainbow's approach, if you want a plant to grow well, you have to turn the pot and replace the soil once a year. Peat soil, perlite, gravel, ashes and other materials can be used as a matrix, so as to promote the plant in the soil, continuous growth of the pot.

4. Disease and insect control for Cheveria Rainbow

Cheveria Rainbow Rainbow is also vulnerable to pests and diseases during the spring and summer season, making its plants gradually lose life. Parts of the disease need to be treated immediately and then given a better growth environment. And we need to spray its corresponding insecticide, so that the plant is gradually restored to life.

Cheveria Rainbow