How to grow and care for Senecio Cineraria

Written by Maggie

Sep 09 2021

How to grow and care for Senecio Cineraria
Senecio Cineraria is a kind of compositae plant, which is planted in many cities, especially in the north. Senecio Cineraria is one of the few plants to be seen in winter, which makes the city more beautiful when the snow comes. Senecio Cineraria is a hardy and beautiful plant, and Senecio Cineraria is grown in many places. Therefore, many people want to know more about it for better growth. How to grow and care for Senecio Cineraria? Let’s look together.

Senecio Cineraria

How to grow Senecio Cineraria


1. Sowing time: from late August to early October. New Year's day on the market in late July sowing, the Spring Festival on the market in the middle of August sowing. The suitable temperature for germination is 20 ~ 2℃.

2.Seedbed: refer to guayule.

3.Sowing quantity: about 4000 seeds per gram and 1 gram per square meter can produce 3000 seedlings.

4.Seed cover depth: 3 ~ 4mm. Seedling emergence 15 ~ 20 days after sowing.

5.Attention points for seedling breeding:

(1) Water the seedbed before sowing or cover after sowing before planting. After seeding, spray fine mist or screen spray;

(2) The seedling emergence time is long, and the humidity of the seedling bed should be maintained before emergence;

(3) To keep moisture and cool down before seedling emergence, a net can be put over the seedling bed to shade it, and the late seeding must be managed by full light after seedling emergence; Sown before August, seedbed management with reference to early sowing of sunflower.

(4) Seedlings grow slowly, pay attention to frequent application of water fertilizer. Fertilize 2-3 times at seedling stage. Fertilizer was urea with a concentration of 0.5-1‰, and applied 0.5-0.8% 45% high-concentration compound fertilizer or diluted by 20 times or so.

Separate seedlings

3 ~ 4 true leaves of seedlings. A 10X8cm pot was used to divide the seedling soil into 2/3 compost soil +1/3 ripe sawdust 345% compound fertilizer. Seedlings planted with deep flat cotyledons. When dividing seedlings, we should remove thin and weak seedlings, tall seedlings. After seedling separation, 40% sunshade net should be used for 4-5 days, morning cover and evening exposure, and full light management should be conducted after slow seedling growth (early sowing in July and August should take 10-15 days due to high temperature and strong light after seedling awakening). Fertilize 3-4 times at seedling stage. Fertilizer for the concentration of 0.8-145% high concentration of compound fertilizer or urea, or diluted 15 times or so cake fertilizer water.

The basin

Generally, the upper basin at 6-7 leaves after the spring of the following year, the diameter of the basin is 14-16cm. The basin soil is compost soil: decomposed sawdust = 3:1, plus compound fertilizer of 1kg/m3. The upper basin depth is over the original too. To increase the branching, the center can be picked once before and after the upper basin.

If used for combination potted plants, pull out a bowl once (every two rows of bowls out a row to put) 8-9 leaves when planting.

Senecio Cineraria

Watering and fertilizing

The watering after going up basin should hold the "see dry see wet" principle, namely between two watering must have the process that a basin earth becomes dry. The degree of dryness shall be based on the surface bleaching. senecio cineraria has a strong drought tolerance, so in winter from the control of plant height, improves cold resistance, reduces humidity to prevent diseases and other considerations, under the condition of protected cultivation silverleaf chrysanthemum watering overall should be moderately dry. But it should be noted that:

1. Dry, wet is not absolute, should hold "degree". Wet but not rotten, dry but not dry.

2. It depends on the situation. Adequate supply of fertilizer and water should be ensured during periods of prosperity, but water and fertilizer should be properly controlled if there is a trend of growth. Senecio Cineraria likes fertilizer more, after two weeks on the basin, every 10 days or so fertilization, with nitrogen fertilizer as the main, 1-2 times of phosphorus, potash fertilizer between winter. Fertilizer with urea and 45% ternary compound fertilizer, the concentration is about 1-1.5‰ (a little light in the early stage, a little thick in the prosperous long term). Or with 0.1% urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate spraying leaf surface, because the silver leaf chrysanthemum is a flower, pay attention not to stain the leaves into the plant watering fertilization. Do not apply concentrated fertilizer.

Winter management

In the seedling stage, Senecio Cineraria can withstand -5℃ low temperature, and commercial potted flowers can be cultivated. In the southern region, it can be cultivated in an open field or single-layer greenhouse, and in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, single-layer or double-layer greenhouse. If the area below -10℃ in the north is cultivated in the greenhouses, it is advisable to have three layers of insulation covering. Potted flowers into the shed or scaffolding for the first time should be covered in the autumn and winter minimum temperature to 0℃ before. Protective ground temperature management. Senecio Cineraria grows slowly when the night temperature is too low, extends the growth period, and increases the cultivation cost. Senecio Cineraria growth temperature is slightly higher than guayule, so ventilation should be slightly later, smaller. 

Adjust the plant

For flower bed arrangement and edge cultivation, pick the heart once. The height and diameter of the plant can be controlled by coring during the growth of pot plants. The plant type and appearance of high-quality potted flowers are: short, strong, and plump, the leaves are unspread and thick, the branches are many, strong and compact, the leaves are silver and white and beautiful. We should pay attention to appropriate rare sowing, and seedling, timely on the basin, timely pull basin. Do not pick the heart when combining pot culture.

How to care for Senecio Cineraria

1.Temperature: the most suitable for it is in the range of 20 to 25 degrees. As mentioned above, it is rare in the tropics, because it is very afraid of heat. Generally speaking, if it is above 30 degrees, its growth will be seriously affected, and the high temperature can even cause it to die, which needs more attention.

2. Illumination: Senecio Cineraria has a high demand for sunshine and prefers an environment with sufficient sunshine. However, too strong a light is not enough. Especially when the temperature is relatively high, as far as possible can be put in the place of half overcast, and little astigmatism. Except in summer, however, no shade is generally required, except in very low latitudes.

3. Watering: Although Senecio Cineraria prefers to be wet, the humidity should not be very high in high-temperature conditions. Keep the substrate half wet. Do not water, there is excess water in the soil when the timely discharge.

4. Fertilization: Senecio Cineraria requires very little fertilizer. After selecting fertile soil, there is basically no need to fertilize. If the growth is relatively weak, we can use it a little bit.

Senecio Cineraria