How to grow and care for Jackfruit

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

How to grow and care for Jackfruit

The fruit of jackfruit is rich in nutritional value, and the fruit tree is of high quality wood. So how do you grow jackfruit? How to care for it when growing? Let’s take a look together!


How to grow Jackfruit

1. Selection of varieties

Jackfruit varieties can be divided into "dry" and "wet" varieties according to the meat wrapped variety. The planting of fruit trees is more suitable for the selection of dry package fruit trees, whose fruits are larger and taste better. The wet - coated fruit is smaller and slightly less tasty, making it more suitable for wood trees. In addition, there are many varieties of Jackfruit varieties subdivision. When selecting Jackfruit seedlings, robust and disease-free seedlings should be selected, and the diameter of seedlings should be above 0.25 cm.

2. Planting time

Jackfruit can be planted in a wide range of seasons, but the best time for planting is in spring and autumn, March to April in spring, and September to October in autumn.

3. Orchard arrangement and planting

Before planting, Jackfruit needed to apply sufficient base fertilizer. Put weeds, dry branches and 0.5 kg of lime at the bottom of Jackfruit's planting holes to cover a layer of soil, then put in pond mud, rotting manure of 30 kg and 0.5 kg of phosphate fertilizer. Then after finishing the roots of the seedlings, put them into the holes, cover the soil, pour sufficient root water and cover a layer of plastic film.


How to care for Jackfruit

1. Water and fertilize

Jackfruit is very drought-tolerant, and often does not water will not die, but will affect the taste of the fruit, so it's best to timely watering. Watering every time cannot be too much. It is ok to keep the soil moist degree. Fertilization also is very critical. If fertilization of goods can provide the yield and texture of the fruit. After removing Jackfruit fruit, we need to give a person a year of livestock and poultry dung and types of organic fertilizer, which can make the second year produce delicious fruit.

2. Plenty of sunshine

Jackfruit photosynthesis likes to grow in the sufficient sunshine,, because it can help Jackfruit absorb nutrient photosynthesis. If it does not have enough sunshine, Jackfruit grows bad and fruit tastes changes. Strong sunlight can help it grow better, and we need to be watered in time.

3. Overall trim

Trim old branches of Jackfruit in every spring. Disease of branches and twigs useless branches and leaves all trim off, which can reduce nutrient consumption. If every Jackfruit grows more than fruits, leaving only three, most others gather all down, so that we can prompt the growth of the fruits of Jackfruit better, not only it tastes better, but also can increase the whole beautiful Jackfruit.


Jackfruit pest control

1. Fruit rot

Fruit rot would bring great harm to Jackfruit. Fruit rot would cause tawny disease spots on Jackfruit, affecting the normal growth of Jackfruit, and then gradually expand, turning the tawny disease spots into dark brown or black, and the peel would also become soft, resulting in the final Jackfruit that could only be seen and could not be eaten.

Prevention and treatment: If Jackfruit is found to be suffering from fruit rot, it is not necessary to remove it. And to strengthen the ventilation, and then spray 1% bordeaux solution or 50% carbazepam 500 times solution for prevention and treatment, spray once every other week, three times in a series. During this period, water should be reduced, the harm can be eliminated.

2. Egyptian cotton bug blowing

The Egyptian blowing cotton bugs would absorb and attach themselves to the branches, leaves and fruits of Jackfruit, and absorb the nutrients therein, leading to malnutrition of Jackfruit, which would not only affect the overall beauty of Jackfruit, but also affect the taste of the fruits. In addition, the excrement secreted by the Egyptian blowing cotton bugs would affect the photosynthesis of Jackfruit, cause other diseases, and finally lead to the death of Jackfruit.

Method of prevention and cure: If it is found that a small amount of Egyptian cotton pest, it can be manually cleaned. If it is found that a large number of Egyptian cotton pest, 1 000 times liquid to spray oil, or 25% optimal happy wettable powder 000 times liquid, 1, spray once every five days, after spraying the two consecutive clean with clear water will waste, prevent other diseases.