How to grow and care for Giant Reed

Written by Maggie

Dec 21 2020

How to grow and care for Giant Reed

Giant Reed leaves are particularly beautiful like a Spider plant, and are ideal for potted cultivation as an ornamental plant. This plant has a high requirement for humidity, so when growing, be sure to control the amount of watering.

Giant Reed 

How to grow Giant Reed 

1. Choice of basin and soil for Giant Reed 

To plant Giant Reed, choose a large pot, preferably about 50 to 60 centimeters in diameter. Pots do not need to be well-drained, as plants have a high demand for water. It is better to use pots that hold water and do not leak. The soil is rich in humus, which is more fertile and conducive to growth.

2. Water properly for Giant Reed 

Giant Reed likes wet conditions, and in the wild it grows on the shores of swamps and lakes. So if you're growing in a pot, it's best to keep the moisture in the pot, even if it's a little shallower. Therefore, the amount of one-time watering should be large, after the water in the basin soil becomes less, should be watered in a timely manner.

3. Lighting management of Giant Reed 

Plants have a high demand for light. Generally speaking, even in hot summer, they can be directly placed under the scorching sun to receive light. But it's best not to take too long, or the blades will still burn.When the sun is strong, remember to spray water on the leaves to cool down.

4. Fertilize appropriately for Giant Reed 

Giant Reed does not require a lot of fertilizer and can grow very well with a reasonable amount of topdressing once or twice during the growing season. Basically, once in the spring, once in the fall. You don't need to fertilize in summer or winter, so managing light and water can keep you in good condition.

Giant Reed 

How to care for Giant Reed 

Giant Reed is very extensive, can be planted in open fields or potted for viewing. Pay attention to weed removal and humidity during the growing period. No special maintenance is required.

The main value of Giant Reed

Giant Reed is mainly used as background material for waterscape gardens, and can also be decorated around Bridges, pavilions and pavilions. It can also be potted for garden viewing. The stem is tall and straight, shaped like bamboo. Yellow and white stripes alternate with leaves in early spring, followed by green stripes, and new leaves in midsummer are green. The inflorescence may be used as a cut flower.

Giant Reed