How to grow lemon trees in pots?

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

How to grow lemon trees in pots?

Many flower lovers want to learn how to  grow lemon trees in pots, but they have seen many articles that are relatively theoretical. This article summarizes some experiences about potted lemon trees.

lenmon trees in pot

   1. Generally,lemon trees in pots have two years of fruit, and three years can produce more. First of all, we are growing lemon trees in pots. Florists must remember to change the soil in spring and autumn. You should pull out the whole lemon tree, except for the main root, using a shovel to remove the other fine roots, and then it’s time to spread fertilizer soil on the bottom of the pot. You first spread a layer of garden soil and then plant it. This is very simple, if the seedlings are not big, it is not very tiring.

  2. After planting lemon trees in pots, you could let it grow after autumn. Winter is almost over, about the beginning of spring. At this time, flower lovers should pay attention to it. It is this time that  lemon trees in pots can bloom and bear more fruit. You have to bend some branches, slender and stout, as far as possible downwards, forming an N-shape with the branches at the bottom. You should be careful not to break them when you bend them. Then you fix it with a rope, and try to make as many N-shapes as possible for the whole lemon, which will promote the downward nutrient, more flowering and more fruit.

  3. The rest is simple, as long as you pay attention to pollination when blooming, and pay attention to adding fertilizer to lemon trees in pots, you will basically have no problem in maintaining flowers and fruits.

   4. Some flower friends mentioned that some lemon trees in pots have long leaves and do not bloom. This is also a common problem with lemons. Please pay attention to flower friends here, lemons are pruned! We are unlikely to prune as often as fruit growers. We'd better pruning twice, because the pruning time is spring and autumn, the best days with rain. For potted plants, you’d better not let it grow tall, and you could let it grow short and round, and try to keep thick branches. The long branches are tied down in the old way, and the branches that grow beyond diseased leaves should be trimmed and the leaves should be cut off.

   5. Lemon leaves of lemon trees in pots. If it is a perfume lemon, you ought to cut the leaves and do not throw them away. You can use them to steam fish. When the fish is ready, it will bring a scent of lemon! When there are more leaves, wrap it with gauze, or put it in any box, and put it in the room as natural spices.

   6. In addition. In the summer, flower friends must master the time, almost at the end of August or early September, you’d better not water the lemon trees in pots. If your area is very hot, you usually give it a small glass of water every day until the soil in the basin is dry. You see that the leaves of the lemons are very dry, so you could water them thoroughly again, and then resume normal watering.