How to grow Aloinopsis schooneesii

Written by Maggie

Dec 02 2020

How to grow Aloinopsis schooneesii

In the cultivation of Aloinopsis Schooneesii, long sunshine treatment was given daily during the growing season, but shade treatment was allowed during the summer and watering was stopped. Watering should follow the principle of not watering, watering thoroughly. When there is high humidity in the air, we can reduce watering, and once a month a thin liquid fertilizer can flourish.

Aloinopsis Schooneesii

1. Plenty of light for Aloinopsis Schooneesii

Aloinopsis Schooneesii is a tropical plant that thrives in sunny and warm conditions. It also has a strong ability to withstand half shade, afraid of the heat and not cold. In addition to the need for shading in summer strong light, shading should also be carried out. The rest of the day should be exposed to long hours of sunlight to promote flowering.

2. Water and moisturize for Aloinopsis Schooneesii

Aloinopsis SchooneesII has strong drought tolerance. In the growing season, apply the right amount of watering. In the summer under the high temperature dormant period, stop watering.  Watering should follow the principle of not do not water, water is watered thoroughly, to avoid basin soil water. When in the rainy season, control watering. In winter,  Aloinopsis Schooneesii can also be safe over the winter without watering.

Aloinopsis Schooneesii

3. Fertilize regularly forAloinopsis Schooneesii

Regular fertilization is an important condition in how Aloinopsis Schooneesii is fed. Nutrients should be guaranteed after planting, and it is best to apply a thin liquid fertilizer once a month during the growing season, mainly low nitrogen and high phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer. No need to fertilize in summer heat. Fertilization is mainly based on thin fertilizer, not too thick, so as not to burn the roots.

4. Change basins for Aloinopsis Schooneesii

During growth, a proper basking could be made according to Aloinopsis Schooneesii. It is usually carried out in spring or autumn, and can be combined with plant propagation at this time. Avoid by all means to change the basin at high temperature. The selected soil is mainly a mixture of leaf rot soil, peat soil and coarse sand, and the root system should be pruned properly and cultivated again.

Aloinopsis Schooneesii