How to grow Agave victoriaae-reginae

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow Agave victoriaae-reginae

In the farming method of Agave Victoriaae-Reginae, water once 1-2 weeks. Apply thin fertilizer once during the growing period.Stop fertilizer in winter, provide garden soil, leaf rot soil and coarse sand mixed soil prepared by 2:2:1. Put it in a sunny place to conserve and make it grow vigorously. Pay attention to avoid direct light, and control the temperature between 20 ~ 25℃.Usually, sowing and plant propagation can be selected to make Agave Victoriaae-Reginae more vigorous.

Agave Victoriaae-Reginae

1. Water properly for Agave Victoriaae-Reginae

The farming Agave Victoriaae-Reginae does not need too much watering, only need to follow the principle of dry and wet curing during the growing period to make it grow vigorously.Usually in spring and autumn can be watering every 1 ~ 2 weeks or so.Spray water during its growth to increase its air humidity for water.

2. Apply fertilizer frequently for Agave Victoriaae-Reginae

Thin fertilizer application is also one of the key points of the farming method of Agave victoriaae-Reginae. In the growing period of Agave victoriaae-Reginae, a thin fertilizer solution can be applied for about 10 to 15 days, mainly liquid fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Pay attention to control the amount of fertilizer when fertilizing, to avoid excessive fertilization root burning situations. In winter we should stop fertilizer in time.

3. Loose soil for Agave Victoriaae-Reginae

Although the Agave Victoriaae-Reginae requires little in the way of soil, planting it on loose soil in farming will make it grow better.You can choose to mix garden soil, leaf rot soil and coarse sand in a ratio of 2:2:1, and add an appropriate amount of bone powder in it to make it more fertile and breathable.

4. Illumination temperature for Agave Victoriaae-Reginae

Sufficient sunlight should also be provided for the light-loving Agave Victoriaae-Reginae during breeding. It can be maintained directly under the outdoor sun to avoid the appearance of prolonged exposure due to insufficient light. Also, it is necessary to do well in the work of strong light shading.In addition, the growth temperature should be controlled between 20 ℃ and 25℃ to enable Agave Victoriaae-Reginae to grow healthily.

Agave Victoriaae-Reginae

5. Replace pots and trim roots for Agave Victoriaae-Reginae

In every spring, it is necessary to turn the pot for the seedlings of Agave victoriaae-Reginae, while the adult Agave victoriaae-reginae can turn the pot once every 2 to 3 years, so that they can have enough space to grow.When turning over the basin, the root system should be pruned to cut off the diseased and old roots, so that they can better absorb nutrients and grow.

6. Breed properly for Agave Victoriaae-Reginae

(1) Sowing and reproduction

Seed propagation can be carried out in the propagation method of Agave Victoriaae-Reginae. The prepared Agave victoriaae-Reginae seeds are directly planted in the soil in the spring. The soil sown should be pasteurized to prevent bacteria from affecting the growth of the seeds.Then keep the temperature at 20 ~ 25℃, 15 ~ 20 days can germinate.

(2) Plant separation and propagation

In general, the relatively common Agave victoriaae-Reginae propagation method is still plant propagation. It is mainly to remove the seedlings in the spring when changing the pot, then cut off the seedlings germinating near the roots, wait for the wound to dry and directly plant them into the soil. After waiting for a week or so, the new roots will grow into new Agave victoriaae-Reginae.

Agave Victoriaae-Reginae