How to grow Aeonium tabulaefoeme

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

How to grow Aeonium tabulaefoeme

Aeonium tabulaefoeme needs to grow in the garden soil, river sand, perlite in the mixed matrix. We can grasp the principle of not watering, watering through.  Usually we can apply organic fertilizer every 20 ~ 30 days during its growth. It should be careful curing where light is good, but in the summer should be put in a cool ventilated place. In winter temperatures should be more than 5 ℃.

Aeonium Tabulaefoeme

1. Choose the soil for Aeonium Tabulaefoeme

Aeonium Tabulaefoeme has a unique shape, but it doesn't have high requirements on soil. Generally, orchard soil, river sand and perlite are used to make breeding matrix. In addition, a proper amount of bone powder and organic fertilizer can increase the fertility of the matrix and make Aeonium Tabulaefoeme grow better and make it full of pot.

2. Water and fertilizer management of Aeonium Tabulaefoeme

Aeonium Tabulaefoeme doesn't have high requirements for water and fertilizer, so how to breed the best Aeonium tabulaefoeme? Avoid pot soil water, and master the soil not to be watered, but to be watered thoroughly when dry. Its roots are more sensitive to fertilizer, and organic fertilizer can be applied every 20-30 days.

3. Illumination temperature for Aeonium Tabulaefoeme

Usually, place Aeonium tabulaefoeme on a balcony with good light for curing. If there is no light for Aeonium tabulaefoeme, its leaves will turn yellow easily. However, it should avoid direct sun exposure due to its fear of summer midday light.

Aeonium Tabulaefoeme

4. Cuttage propagation of Aeonium Tabulaefoeme

In fact, Aeonium Tabulaefoeme can be removed from the top of the plant during spring growth and placed in a cool and ventilated place for 2 to 3 days. When the wound is gradually healed, it should be inserted into loose soil, watered to keep the soil moist and wait for the leaf disks to root in the soil again.