How to grow Aeonium Sunburst

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow Aeonium Sunburst

Aeonium Sunburst is a rare and unique variety in succulent, with high ornamental value.The color of Aeonium Sunburst leaves is very special. For some flower-breeding Aeonium Sunburst leaves, the color is white, which is generally related to curing in normal times.H to raise Aeonium Sunburst? Lighting is very important. If there is not enough light, the color of leaves will not be right.

Aeonium Sunburst

Aeonium Sunburst breeding method

1, the soil

Aeonium sunburst succulent soil should be loose, breathable and drained, and neutral soil can be used.When planting, put small stones in the bottom of the flowerpot. When planting, compacted the soil, do not use fat soil, the soil can hit 8 minutes high of the flowerpot, do not water for three days after planting.

2. Temperature and light

Aeonium Sunburst can withstand the temperature of -2℃ ~ 45℃.In summer, when the light is too strong and the temperature is over 30℃, indoor shade culture should be transplanted.In winter, when the temperature is lower than -2℃, heat preservation should be paid attention to.In spring, summer and autumn, aeonium sunburst can be placed directly under the sun to carry out photosynthesis. In summer, the light is too strong and it is easy to burn the leaves, so shade should be given.

3, water

In addition to aeonium sunburst succulent planting, do not water for three days, and water almost once a week in spring and autumn.In summer, the temperature is too high, it grows slowly, and the water demand is small, about half a month watering;In winter, the growth is fast, evaporation is less, water every 15 ~ 20 days.

4. Fertilize and trim

Aeonium Sunburst neither can tolerate nor likes fertilizer. Basically no fertilizer is needed in breeding. A small amount of fertilizer is added into the soil when changing basin or transplantation when adding soil.Aeonium Sunburst succulent is an ornamental plant. Pay attention to trim and make a good shape when breeding. Pruning is generally carried out in early spring and unnecessary stems and leaves can't be used and should be cut according to bonsai needs.

Aeonium Sunburst

5. Prevention of diseases and insect pests

Summer is sultry, pay more attention to ventilation, control water quantity, and prevent root nematodes and rot.If there are insect pests, it can be directly manually removed or wiped off with a rag.

Precautions for Aeonium Sunburst succulent planting

1. Slowly move out of the room

Aeonium Sunburst loves light.In summer and winter, due to the reason of light and temperature, the leaves may be moved to indoor farming. Without sufficient care for a long time, the leaves will turn white and need to be exposed to the sun.At first, when you move out, you have to adapt, you can go from astigmatism to soft light, from cloudy and rainy around the sun, and slowly into the sun.

2. Pest control in March

After the winter hibernation, in March everything comes back to life, temperatures warm, plants grow, and so do insects.Aeonium Sunburst is likely to infect scale insects and little black flies in March. Pay attention to sun exposure and ventilation, and spray pesticides when necessary.Otherwise it will affect Aeonium Sunburst growth and flowering.

Aeonium Sunburst