How to deal with Echeveria Simonoasa growing excessively

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to deal with Echeveria Simonoasa growing excessively

When Echeveria Simonoasa appears to grow excessively, we need to handle it according to different reasons. If the lack of sun retards plant on outdoor sunlight place, let the plant everyday light more. If there is too much water, apply proper drainage treatment.  After watering, keep the soil slightly dry. For proper choice of siol, choose loose soil permeability of sand on the basin and change the basin once every 1 ~ 2 years.

Echeveria Simonoasa

1. Increase light for Echeveria Simonoasa

Echeveria Simonoasa is a very bright light plant. Under the condition of sufficient light, the blade will be colorful and full of luster, otherwise will it be caused by a lack of sunlight leading to excessive growth. At this time, we need to move the plant to the outside sunlight place. During the growth, let the plants get plenty of light every day, in order to promote stem leaf photosynthesis.

2. Reduce watering for Echeveria Simonoasa

Echeveria Simonoasa has strong drought resistance, and in a timely manner at the time of peak season also doesn't need to be watered often. If too much water, it can lead to water accumulation in the basin, and the root will grow bad, easy to trigger a blade and the phenomenon of excessive growth. At this time, apply timely drainage treatment. And then water when the soil is dry and stop watering when the soil is moist. In high air humidity weather, do not water.

Echeveria Simonoasa

3. Soil replacement treatment of Echeveria Simonoasa

Echeveria Simonoasa has a high requirement on the substrate. During growth, if you choose the soil with poor permeability, or no changes for a long time, it will lead to root rot, prone to moderate growth phenomenon of plants. This should be handled in a timely manner in the soil, to choose a mixture of peat, vermiculite and pearlite after soil on the basin, after every 1 ~ 2 years in the spring in the basin.

4. Reduce fertilization for Echeveria Simonoasa

Echeveria Simonoasa does not have high requirements for fertilizer. Do not use too much fertilizer or apply nitrogen fertilizer in the peak growing season, otherwise the stems and leaves will grow in length, which will affect the appearance of the plant type. At this time, pruning should be done in time.

Echeveria Simonoasa