How to Care for Peperomia Tetraphylla

Written by Maggie

Dec 01 2021

How to Care for Peperomia Tetraphylla

Peperomia Tetraphylla is a flower that loves its jasper leaves. But some farmers find their Peperomia Tetraphylla leaves split in the middle and become yellow. Do you know how to care for Peperomia Tetraphylla leaf cracking? How to care for Peperomia Tetraphylla? Let’s take a look together.

Peperomia Tetraphylla
Peperomia Tetraphylla - Most Common House Plant

How to care for Peperomia Tetraphylla leaves yellowing  

1. Watering for Peperomia Tetraphylla

The peperomia tetraphylla likes to be wet, so we should pay attention to watering and keep the air moist. However, the Peperomia Tetraphylla also needs to not water too much, because too much water can lead to yellow leaves or rotten roots and death.

Lack of water supply at the root leads to yellowish leaf volume, and Peperomia Tetraphylla prefers wet. To maintain the water supply of soil, it is advisable to spray fog water 2 to 3 times a day.

2. The temperature for Peperomia Tetraphylla

In winter, Peperomia Tetraphylla needs to be placed in a place with sufficient light, but in the hot summer, it is more afraid of heat. So it needs to put water spraying under the shade to cool down. Too high and too hot will cause the stems and leaves to turn black and rot.

3. Proper fertilization for Peperomia Tetraphylla

Peperomia Tetraphylla requires a lot of fertilizer and water, so we should pay attention to avoid the root system when fertilizing, so as not to burn the root and cause root rot. But do not blindly apply fertilizer, the cycle should be gradual, and should be appropriately applied fertilizer.

4. Pests and diseases control of Peperomia Tetraphylla

Black spot gray mold, humidity is not caused by ventilation. Watch often to find slugs eating leaves, use beer to lure, hot water or salt to kill. Ringspot virus disease, the affected plants produce dwarfism, leaf distortion, and can be sprayed with equivalent bordeaux mixture. In addition, root neck rot and thrombolysis disease were treated by spraying 1000 times liquid with 50 {bf} carbendiline wettable powder.

Peperomia Tetraphylla

How to care for Peperomia Tetraphylla leaf cracking

1. Just cut it off

If the green pea leaves have cracked, watering or supplementing them won't help. The plant cell inside this kind of split green bean leaf, already dead when cracking actually, and it won't resume grows. In order not to affect the appearance of the plant, it is better to cut it directly.

2. Water more

Sometimes watering too much will also make the green bean plant leaf cracking phenomenon. Simply cut the split leaves and add the right amount of water to prevent the plant from ever having a split in the middle again. Look at the amount of water a lot less, as long as the soil on the line, the soil moisture is the best. If it has been dry agglomerated, add water.

3. Spray Doric bacteria

Another reason for Peperomia Tetraphylla's leaf cracking is that the plant has an illness, which is mostly neck rot and scarring. During the disease, it will first yellow from the middle, and then slowly crack, and finally become two rotten leaves. This time it should be timely spraying with 50% of the carbendamol wettable powder, pay attention to the first 1000 times of water dilution before spraying.

4. Shift the location

Sometimes Peperomia Tetraphylla touched the tender tip when the leaf was still a tender bud, which also led to the cracking phenomenon after the leaf grew out. Especially in families with animals, there are children who, like the situation of disorderly pull leaves. We must pay attention to plant it in a higher environment. This will prevent the plants from cracking.

Peperomia Tetraphylla

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