Urbinia Purpusii Rose profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 09 2021

Urbinia Purpusii Rose profile

Urbinia Purpusii Rose is a succulent of the Genus Paeonia in the Sedum family. Urbinia Purpusii Rose is collected in 1909 by Carl Albert Purpus and J. A. Purpus in southern Mexico, in the Sierra Mixteca Mountains, on the border of the states of Oaxaca and Puebla. (the US, no. 615402). Fleshy leaves are arranged in a compact rosette, broadly ovate to scattered triangular-ovate, abaxially raised keel-shaped, 3 to 4 cm long by 3 cm wide, apex acute. The leaves are gray-green, dotted with reddish-brown markings. Inflorescences ca. 30cm high. The flowers are red and yellow at the top. Propagation can be done by leaf insertion, which allows you to see a leaf sprout from the base and grow into a single plant.

Urbinia Purpusii Rose picture

Urbinia Purpusii Rose

Urbinia Purpusii Rose morphological characteristics

Urbinia Purpusii Rose leaves are smooth, grayish-green, evenly dotted with dark red markings, raised and brown at the keel line on the back, triangular-ovate, apex acute, 3-4 cm long. The rosette is  8-12 cm in diameter. Flowers 10-12 mm long, bright red.

Urbinia purpusii Rose is a succulent perennial herb, 5 ~ 10 cm tall, 10 ~ 15 cm in plant width, leaves densely alternate, triangular-ovate, entire, apex acute, rosette, gray-green, reddish-brown spotted. Under a different light environment, the dense rosette leaf, layer upon layer will show different colors, quite interesting.

Urbinia Purpusii Rose leaves are triangular-ovate, with keel-shaped dorsal lobes, apex acute, and arranged in a compact, standard rose-shaped arrangement. Under normal circumstances the leaf color gray-green, full of beautiful reddish-brown stripes. In the light, low temperature or large temperature difference between day and night environment, the leaf margin will become reddish-brown, reddish-brown markings are more obvious. In late spring, they become red flowers. The growth rate is very slow, it is not easy to grow, and it is not easy to form old piles.

Urbinia Purpusii Rose growing environment

Urbinia Purpusii Rose prefers a warm and well-ventilated environment. Fertile and well-drained sandy soil should be used for cultivation. Certain air humidity is required during the growing period, but the soil does not need to be too wet.

Urbinia Purpusii Rose

Urbinia Purpusii Rose distribution range

Urbinia Purpusii Rose is found in Mexico (Puebla state, near San Luis Atolotitlan).

Urbinia Purpusii Rose type specimen

Urbinia Purpusii Rose is collected in 1909 by Carl Albert Purpus and J. A. Purpus in southern Mexico, in the Sierra Mixteca Mountains, on the border of the states of Oaxaca and Puebla. (the US, no. 615402)

How to grow Urbinia Purpusii Rose  

The Urbinia Purpusii Rose leaves were broken off and dried for 1 to 2 days. The leaves were placed flat or inserted at an Angle into coarse sand or vermiculite, and the wound came into contact with the soil. Then place it in the semi-shade and keep the soil slightly moist. After 15-20 days, small buds will appear in the wound. As time goes on, small buds will grow larger and gradually form small rosette leaf clusters. They prefer a sunny, warm and well-ventilated environment. The growth period requires a certain air humidity, not cold, resistance to half shade and drought, afraid of moisture and strong light. Sunshine temperature: except for proper shade in midsummer, Urbinia Purpusii Rose can get full sunshine, but you should pay attention to ventilation. The suitable temperature for Urbinia Prupusii rose growth is 18~ 25℃, and the temperature in winter is not less than 5℃. Watering and fertilizing: strictly control watering, even when the summer high temperature dry, it should not be watered more. We can spray water around the plant, increase the air humidity. Topdressing begins after new stems come out in spring, and thin liquid fertilizer can be applied once a month during the growing season. Breeding pruning: the survival rate of large and brocade is higher.

Urbinia Purpusii Rose

How to care for Urbinia Purpusii Rose

1. Soil

The soil can be mixed with coal cinder peat, a small amount of perlite, the ratio is about 5:4:1.

2. Illumination

The temperature difference between day and night is large or the low temperature period in winter leaves are darker and the leaf margin is red. Low light leaves pale grayish green, elongated leaves. Plant foliage smooth shape, not easy to water. urbinia purpusii Rose needs to accept sufficient sunshine leaf color, the leaf margin will be beautiful, the plant type will be more compact and beautiful. Too little sunshine leaves light, leaves arranged loosely elongated. urbinia Purpusii Rose is a small and medium-sized variety. After many years of group growth, the plant can be very spectacular. Urbinia Purpusii Rose is a cluster of flowers with yellowish flowers, red tips and five lobes.

3. Repotting

Change the pot every spring. When replanting, cut off the withered leaves at the base of the Urbinia Purpusii Rose and the long fibrous roots. Basin soil with peat soil and coarse sand mixed soil, add a small amount of bone meal.

4. Watering

Growing season watering 1 time a week, basin soil must not be too wet. Winter only need to water 1~2 times, basin soil to keep dry. When the air is dry, do not spray water to the leaf surface, can only spray around the basin, so as not to cause rot in the leaves.

5. Fertilizer 

Fertilizing once a month during the growing period, and avoid fouling the foliage with fertilizer solution by all means.

6. Light & temperature

Urbinia Purpusii Rose is a full sunshine plants, but avoid sun exposure.

7. Winter and summer care

Urbinia Purpusii Rose can withstand the low temperature of about minus 4℃, indoor temperature, not open air, and then the top growth point of the leaf will appear frostbite, dry and die, and the water will be basically cut off throughout the winter, and it will start to slowly cut off water below 5 ℃. The whole Urbinia Purpusii Rose grows slowly or completely stops when the summer high temperature, this time should be well ventilated and appropriate shading, avoid insolation, moderate watering, cannot long-term rain, so as to avoid plant decay.

Urbinia Purpusii Rose method of propagation

1. Leaf insertion

Remove the leaves from Urbinia Purpusii Rose and let them dry for 1 to 2 days until the wound heals. Put them flat or obliquely into coarse sand or vermiculite so that the wound touches the soil. As time goes by, the small buds grow bigger and bigger, and gradually form a small rosette cluster. When the Urbinia Purpusii Rose grows to a certain size, it is taken out and planted into a small pot, and then it becomes a new plant. Using leaf cuttings, you can see the whole process of a leaf budding and growing into a plant, which is very interesting.

2. Sowing

The seeds will be sown immediately after maturity, and the suitable temperature for germination will be 16~19℃.

3. Cutting

High survival rate. At the end of spring whole rosette or fleshy leaf cuttings can be used.

4. Division

Division propagation is carried out in spring.