Stenocactus multicostatus profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 23 2021

Stenocactus multicostatus profile

Stenocactus multicostatus originated from Mexico, usually solitary, 9 -- 10cm in diameter, 25 -- 30cm in height, dark green. Stenocactus multicostatus has 13-21 ribs, radiating prickles 20-30, central prickles 7-15, 2cm long, reddish-brown. The color is purple and red.

Stenocactus multicostatus picture

Stenocactus multicostatus

Morphological characteristics of Stenocactus multicostatus

Stems of stenocactus multicostatus are usually solitary, barrel-shaped, 9 -- 10cm in diameter, 25 -- 30cm tall, dark green. stenocactus multicostatus has 13-21 ribs, radiating prickles 20-30, central prickles 7-15, 2cm long, reddish-brown. The color is purple and red.

Ecological habits of Stenocactus multicostatus

Stenocactus multicostatus likes high temperature, like direct sunlight, fear of waterlogging, cold resistance is poor. Stenocactus multicostatus likes a warm, dry and sunny environment. Stenocactus multicostatus is more cold resistance, drought resistance and half shade, not water wet. The soil is a loose, fertile and well-drained sandy loam. The suitable temperature for growth is 18-24°C, and the temperature in winter is not lower than 5°C.

Stenocactus multicostatus garden use

Stenocactus multicostatus is suitable for study, bedroom, living room, hall, tea table and other places.

Propagation of Stenocactus multicostatus

Sowing and grafting are often used for Stenocactus multicostatus propagation.

Stenocactus multicostatus

How to grow and care for Stenocactus multicostatus

Planting: Planting or changing pots and soil before spring growth begins. General potted, in northern China should enter the room overwintering. Potted can choose rot leaf soil, garden soil, a coarse sand equal amount of mixed culture soil, rejoin a few calcareous materials. Plant pots should not be too large. Replace the pots every 1-2 years and add new soil. 

Light and temperature: The suitable temperature for Stenocactus multicostatus growth is 20-30℃. In the growing period, Stenocactus multicostatus should be placed in a sunny environment, but in the hot summer, Stenocactus multicostatus should be shaded or placed under a tree, and it should be ventilated to avoid direct sunlight so as not to burn the sphere. When entering the room in winter, keep the temperature above 10℃ and not lower than 5℃ in a sunny place. 

Watering and fertilization: In Stenocactus multicostatus growing period to appropriate more watering. Summer should pay attention to watering, often keep the basin soil moist, but not too mixed, more can not water, and to maintain the appropriate air humidity. Watering to "see dry see wet, pouring is pouring through". Reduce watering in winter and keep the potting soil dry. Growing period of 2-3 times a month, thin, rotten cake liquid fertilizer can be.

Prevention and control of diseases and pests of Stenocactus multicostatus

Stenocactus multicostatus is prone to red spider damage in the furrows due to the abundance of ridges.

Prevention and control methods: (1) strengthen management, increase ventilation and light, appropriately reduce the temperature, often spray water to increase air humidity. (2) timely removal of seriously damaged Stenocactus multicostatus leaves, deep buried or burned. (3) at the beginning of the occurrence of water can be used to wash off the worm body. Or spray alcohol insecticide to prevent and control mosquitoes. (4) The cotton ball or cloth with 80% DDVP solution is placed on the soil of the pot, and the plant and flowerpot are sealed together with the plastic film bag for 24 hours. (5) After the onset of disease, timely spray 40% diethoate emulsion 1000-2000 times solution, or 50% malathion emulsion 1000-1500 times solution, or 1.8% acaricin 6000-8000 times solution, or 20% dichloricol emulsion 1000-2000 times solution, or 1.2% nicotinic matrine 1000-2000 times solution. (6) When the occurrence of 40% oxidized diethoate emulsion agent 2000 times liquid irrigating basin soil, or basin soil buried with 15% TieMeke granules, caliber 15-20 cm pot, each pot buried with 1-1.5 grams. 

Stenocactus multicostatus main value

Stenocactus multicostatus is the species with the largest number of edges among cactus globules. Stenocactus multicostatus is the cactus with the largest number of rows, and its variety Stenocactus multicostatus has up to 180 rows. Stenocactus multicostatus is very strange and interesting, and cactus lovers like to collect and cultivate it. Stenocactus multicostatus is suitable for family indoor potted ornamental.

Stenocactus multicostatus