Sinocrassula densirosulata profile

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Mar 10 2021

Sinocrassula densirosulata profile

Sinocrassula densirosulata is a blue-gray succulent plant of the genus Lilies in the Sedaceae family.

Sinocrassula densirosulata picture

Sinocrassula densirosulata

Morphological characteristics of Sinocrassula densirosulata

Sinocrassula densirosulata is blue-gray in color, with long thick leaves and pointed tips. In strong light and large temperature difference between day and night or in cold winter, the leaves will turn to a very beautiful blue-red color, and the tip of the leaves will turn slightly red and slightly round, while in weak light, the leaves will be light blue. The leaves will become narrow and long, and also become thin.

Sinocrassula densirosulata is a crassulaceae stone lotus glabrous perennial herb, plants blue-gray in color. sinocrassula densirosulata has full leaves, beautiful shape. Like many outstretched little fingers straight and powerful, sinocrassula densirosulata leaves slightly curved toward the lotus core, forming a ball, and plants in a dense rosette.

The leaves of Sinocrassula densirosulata are long, thick, and pointed at the tip. In the strong light and the temperature difference between day and night, or in the cold winter, the leaves turn to a very beautiful blue-red color, and the tip of the leaves turns slightly red, while in the weak light, the leaves turn pale blue. The leaves of Sinocrassula densirosulata become narrow and long, and also thin. Sinocrassula densirosulata has dense dark lines throughout the entire leaf surface, which turn red under light. The dark lines on the new leaves are not red, and the leaves are also slightly covered with white powder. The white powder on the old leaves drops off, and the flowers are smooth, with clusters of pink and white flowers that open upward.

The propagation mode of Sinocrassula densirosulata

Sinocrassula densirosulata mainly propagates leaf and cuttage, very easy to succeed.

Sinocrassula densirosulata

Sinocrassula densirosulata growing methods

Sinocrassula densirosulata requires sufficient sunlight for its leaves to be bright, its plants to be more compact and beautiful, and its leaves to be thickened. Sinocrassula densirosulata is a small plant that must be potted every 2 to 3 years as it grows. The pot diameter can be 1 to 2 inches larger than the plant diameter, which will promote plant growth. The medium must be dried before watering, you can apply long-effect fertilizer once every quarter. Reproduction by leaf insertion and cutting off small side buds, can be carried out throughout the year.

If the temperature is higher than 35 degrees, the sunshade net will be used to shade the sun and then the water will be gradually cut off. During the Sinocrassula densirosulata dormant period of the whole summer, there is little or no water. When the temperature drops in the middle of September, the water will be resumed. If the temperature can maintain above 0 degrees in winter, it is possible to supply water. If the temperature is below 0 degrees, the water will be cut off, otherwise it will be easy to frostbite.

Although the winter cold, can also not a winter didn't give a little water, may also slightly at the appropriate time to some water in the roots of the Sinocrassula densirosulata, do not spray or give water, leaves the heart water stay too long, easy to cause decay, the weather is good, ventilation is enough, can use water spray, cleaning the dust on the blade, to plant more beautiful.When the temperature rises in the spring, the water will slowly return to normal.

Sinocrassula densirosulata is very easy to keep, with full sun exposure in all seasons except summer. The soil is peat mixed with particles of cinder river sand, etc. The surface of the soil is paved with clean river sand, and the soil is mainly breathable. The family breeding nature cannot match the natural environment, and it is dry and watered thoroughly.

The role and value of fleshy Sinocrassula densirosulata

1. Ornamental value: firstly, the Sinocrassula densirosulata is a famous ornamental plant with leaves that can grow into the shape of lotus, and its leaves are evergreen throughout the year, and can even flower in summer. Sinocrassula densirosulata is basically a plant that can be looked at for 365 days, provided it is properly cared for.

2. Air purification: Sinocrassula densirosulata, as a plant, has the most natural value of purifying the air. Sinocrassula densirosulata absorbs carbon dioxide during the day and emits oxygen, making the air in the home fresher. But at night, old memories of the succulent Sinocrassula densirosulata absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide, so they are not suitable for maintenance in the bedroom.

3. For cut flowers: Although Sinocrassula densirosulata is a foliage succulent, it can also be used for cut flowers, except that the cut flowers of Sinocrassula densirosulata are suitable for growing together with small ornamental succulents. Sinocrassula densirosulata and many smaller ornamental succulents can be grown in a single medium-sized pot in a variety of ways.

Sinocrassula densirosulata