Sedum spurium profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 02 2020

Sedum spurium profile

The Sedum Spurium has a delicate, slender profile, excellent cold and drought resistance, and a strong reproductive capacity that makes it ideal as a basin protector or lawn grass. In the environment with large temperature differences and abundant sunshine, the leaves will be more bright and bright red, which is very attractive.

Sedum Spurium picture

Sedum Spurium

Morphological characteristics of Sedum Spurium

Sedum spurium is a perennial herb with low creeping plant growth. It is relatively easy to produce new branches, easy to group. The stems and leaves are usually purplish red in autumn and winter or in a sunny environment with large temperature difference.


Sedum spurium stems are 5~15 cm long.Smooth glabrous, with occasional verrucous spots on the surface.


Blade surface of Sedum spurium is glabrous. The bamboo sheet is obovate or round, cuneate. The leaf margin is circular serrate. The petiole is free or short stalked. The single leaf blade is about 1.5~3.5 cm long and 1.0~1.2 cm wide.


Flowers are prostrate or erect, small verrucous spots on the surface. It is usually about 10~30 cm long. Inflorescences are densely umbellate, usually divided into 3 to 5 branches, with 15 to 30 flowers each. Bracts are balanced or elliptic, with verrucous projections.


Sedum spurium flowers usually have five, occasionally six petals, almost sessile or having short flowered stalks. Sepals ca. is 1 cm long, obtuse to aciculate, triangular, obtuse to cusp. Petals are erect at base and usually ascending, nearly ovoid, short and pointed, tip slightly curled, with protuberant, ca. 0.7 -- 1.2 cm long, pure white to dark red.The anthers are red.

Sedum Spurium

Sedum Spurium distribution range

Sedum spurium is found in Georgia (Caucasus region), northern Iran, northeastern Turkey, etc.

Sedum spurium ecological Habits  

Sedum Spurium likes warm, dry, sunny environments, drought resistance, resistance to impoverishment. Spring and autumn are growing seasons. We should maintain sufficient sunshine and basin soil is not moist. Fertilize once every month. In summer, apply shade cooling, control watering or even cut off water, and the water should be chosen in the evening. Keep the temperature above 0℃ in winter

The main value of Sedum spurium

Sedum spurium is an ornamental  flower.

Sedum Spurium