Sedum Spiral Staircase profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

Sedum Spiral Staircase profile

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' is a succulent, hybrid species of Sedum genus in the Sedum family. Plants are small and easy to grow.

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' picture

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase'

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' morphological features

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' is a mini succulent perennial with short plants, branches and leaves attached to fleshy stems. The fleshy leaves are whorled and generally rotate and spread. The tip of the leaves is red on the edge of the sun, and the flower is terminal and white.

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' is a miniature succulent, suitable for mixing and matching other succulents. It is green all year round, turns pink in case of increased sunshine hours and large temperature differences.It grows slowly in summer, requires less water, and is easy to breed and group.

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' growth habit

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' likes sunlight, and is drought tolerant, barren, slightly half shade tolerant, not cold resistant, not suitable for too moist soil and environment with too little light, strong adaptability, easy cultivation. It grows slowly in high temperature in summer, and it needs an appropriate increase of light.

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase'

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' cultivation technique

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' shall be placed in a place with a long daylight time and good ventilation.The suitable temperature for growth is 10-25 ℃, and the temperature in winter should be no less than 3 ℃.Soil and air humidity should not be too high. In the summer we should reduce watering and pay attention to ventilation.The granular medium with good air permeability and drainage should be chosen for the soil.The most common pests and diseases are scale insects, which can be treated with abamectin or prevented with small white drugs.

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase'  main value

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' is a small and exquisite plant type with white florets and high ornamental value.It can be used to decorate well-lit windowsills, balconies and courtyards in warm climates.It can also be grown with other small species of Sedum.

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' precautions

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase' is a small pine potted white flower, with a certain resistance to dry, and does not accumulate water. When the soil is dry, it must be poured through the water.For the bottom of the pot with holes can be soaked in basin method for watering. For no hole plants, we can use small utensils such as a spoon slowly watering.

Try not to let water accumulate on Sedum 'Spiral Staircase’s  leaves, and also to prevent long-term water in the basin.In summer high temperature we should pay attention to ventilation and shade, to avoid hot sun exposure. During other seasons maintenance should be given enough sunlight.

Sedum 'Spiral Staircase'