Sedum Hispanicum profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

Sedum Hispanicum profile

Sedum Hispanicum is a perennial herb of Sedum Hispanicum, which is widely distributed in southern Europe and Central Asia.Originally from Spain, it is afraid of heat and cold.The roots are fibrous, the stems prostate, the leaves club-like dense.The Sedum Hispanicum is a succulent plant that is easy to reproduce in large numbers. It is also one of the most outstanding bonsai matching plants. In some places, it has been cultivated in large areas as a green vegetation.Sedum Hispanicum likes the sunny environment, full sun can keep the leaf shape compact, the leaves will also slowly turn blue pink.In the absence of light it can also grow, but will grow very much, leaf shape will elongate, become no longer compact, easy to fall on the ground, become very ugly, and for a long time without light is easy to cause diseases, insects and bacteria damage.The propagation method is mainly cutting, and the top part is generally inserted into the sand.

Sedum Hispanicum picture

Sedum Hispanicum

Morphological features of Sedum Hispanicum

The root

Sedum Hispanicum is a perennial herb with fibrous roots.


The sedum hispanicum stem is crawls and is prone to unstable roots that come into contact with the ground.


The rods of Sedum Hispanicum are covered with white wax powder.Leaves grow densely at the end of the stem, and the lower leaves of the stem are easy to fall off.


In summer, the five-petal star Sedum Hispanicum hangs a pinkish purple flower.

The Sedum Hispanicum growing environment

Sedum Hispanicum likes full sunlight and can grow under half sunlight. However, the arrangement of leaves will be looser, with strong drought-resistance and rapid growth. It’s afraid of heat and cold, and it is not easy to blossom cultivated in Taiwan.

Sedum Hispanicum

The distribution of Sedum Hispanicum

The Sedum Hispanicum family is very large, spreading from southern Europe to Central Asia.It is also naturalized in the United States and Japan and cultivated in many places in China.

The main value of Sedum Hispanicum

Sedum Hispanicum is a kind of delicate and pretty elegant, rich in the delight of small fleshy plants. Because its drought resistance is good, it can grow in the soil where less, especially for ornament rock bonsai or planted directly on the rock, its rich level, or at a distance as a miniature version of coniferous forest, or like a road green streams and valleys Yu Feng between lives, with different elegant demeanor, give a person the sense with vibrant. Sedum Hispanicum also can serve as the basin surface of tree stump bonsai adorns plant, full basin emerald green, it is more elegant and pleasant.And the family that has housetop garden can regard it as housetop afforestation plant more, have plant to grow dense, grow fast, bear the advantage such as strong light insolation, bear drought. 

Sedum Hispanicum