Sedum Alice Evans profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 20 2021

Sedum Alice Evans profile

Sedum Alice Evans-- Crassulaceae, Sedum. Sedum Alice Evans is a dwarf fleshy shrub. Sedum Alice Evans likes a warm and sunny environment, spring, summer and autumn is the season of its growth. The leaves of Sedum Alice Evans are long, oval, green to yellow-green, arranged in a lotus shape, with a jellylike transparency that is affected by light intensity and temperature. If the light is not enough, the leaf color will appear only green. In general, Sedum Alice Evans was cute when she was young, and then dumb when she grew up. Sedum Alice Evans, spring-blooming, racemes of small bell-shaped, white flowers with a large number of small white flowers that line the pedicels like a small bouquet.

Sedum Alice Evans picture

Sedum Alice Evans

Sedum Alice Evans habits

Sedum Alice Evans prefers a warm, dry, ventilated, sunny environment. Sedum Alice Evans is resistant to drought and cold and adaptable. It can be exposed or semi-exposed. Sedum Alice Evans is vigorous in growth. It grows in spring and autumn, and dormancy is not obvious in summer. The suitable temperature for growth is 15-28℃, and no less than 5℃ is recommended in winter. Under the condition of insufficient light, Sedum Alice Evans leaves will not appear so green, and even the leaves will be empty and long, which is not cute. It is suggested that Sedum Alice Evans can receive more light. With soil can choose peat, perlite, 3:2 ratio preparation, and add a small amount of bone meal. In addition, Sedum Alice Evans is highly susceptible to the drug, which makes it difficult to yellow water, so extra care should be taken when applying the drug.

Sedum Alice Evans morphological characteristics

Sedum Alice Evans is just as its name suggests, with jelly-yellow leaves that look like lovely spring sprouts. It has long oval leaves, green or yellow-green color, waxy shiny leaves.

Sedum Alice Evans leaves also have a jelly-clear yellow-green color and may turn red at the tip when the temperature difference is large and the light is good. Flowers in winter and spring, racemes of white, bell-shaped flowers. When the dense small flowers gathered at the top of the arrow, like a bunch of small bouquet.

The propagation methods of Sedum Alice Evans

Sedum Alice Evans usually propagates in leaves or sticks, making reproduction relatively easy. PS: Sedum Alice Evans was very cute when she was a child, but when she gets older, if she doesn't take care of her, she often loses her cuteness. Try a leaf stick to see where it goes.

Sedum Alice Evans

How to grow and care for Sedum Alice Evans 

Pot preparation: this month can also be prepared for pot and culture soil and other materials, in March for the change of pot seed preparation. The main pots used for planting Sedum Alice Evans are earthen pots, plastic pots, purple sand pots and porcelainpots. Among them, tile permeability is very good, the price is low, but fragile, not beautiful, so now the use of people have been few. Plastic basin variety is rich, light, the price is not high, is the hobbyists use more pots, among which the square and round plastic basin is the most widely used. However, due to its poor air permeability, Sedum Alice Evans must be planted in granular soil with certain particle sizes and good air permeability to get good results. Purple sand basin is simple and elegant, beautiful shape, ventilation is also better, but the price is higher, suitable for planting some ornamental strong, more precious succulent plants. Porcelain basin exquisite beautiful, has the very good adornment, the price is moderate, but the ventilation is not good. Fans can choose different materials and shapes of flowerpots according to their specific conditions. Plastic nutrition pots can also be used if cultivated in large numbers, which are cheap and have good results.

Backup soil: the basic requirements of succulent soil are certain granularity, loose and breathable, good drainage, and contain a certain humus, a small amount of calcareous, neutral or slightly acidic (some varieties can be weakly alkaline). Common materials are garden soil, leaf soil, peat soil, peat, peat, peat, slag, sand, vermiculite and perlite as well as red jade soil, orchid, phytolite, king stone and other materials. At present, personal enthusiasts commonly used is red jade soil, orchid and other granular materials plus peat or peat to plant some high-grade varieties of Vientiane, jade fan, should and other kinds of succulent plants.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer most kinds of "winter" and "intermediate" succulent plants, depending on the variety and growth situation, every 20 days or so to apply a decompose thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer.Fertilizer time can be in the morning, sunny weather, and be careful not to splash on the plant.Summer-type succulents do not need to be fertilized.

Change the pot: because Sedum Alice Evans in artificial cultivation conditions, the root system is limited in the pot, it is difficult to freely extend, after a period of growth, the root system is full of the whole pot, not conducive to drainage ventilation. Moreover, the soil contained in the flowerpot is limited, and after continuous absorption and watering by the root system, the nutrients are lost, and the culture soil is changed from the original granular to powder. In addition, the root system of Sedum Alice Evans also constantly excretes acidic metabolites in the process of continuous absorption of nutrients, making the soil acidic. These are not good for the growth of the plant, so when the plant reaches a certain stage of growth, it has to be turned over. Sedum Alice Evans can be replaced every one to two or three years, depending on the variety and the size of the plant (for some varieties, seedlings can even be transplanted several times a year, a process is known as "moving, big and big"). For most "summer type" and "intermediate type" succulents, transplanting is generally done in mid - to late March and in combination with transplanting for division propagation.

Sedum Alice Evans main value

The leaf tip of Sedum Alice Evans is small and round, like a girl's fingertip, which is very lovely and stirring, adding a bit of liveliness to life.

Sedum Alice Evans