Sedeveria Hummellii profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 19 2021

Sedeveria Hummellii profile

Sedeveria Hummellii is a hybrid of Sedum and Sedum. It is a small, fleshy shrub with a shape very similar to that of a thousand Buddha's dactylus and a jade dactylus. The shape of the plant is not well recognized. Leaves of Sedeveria Hummellii are light green, leaf surface with thin powder, look hazy feeling from a distance. Sedeveria Hummellii likes a sunny, cool and dry growth environment, drought resistance, not cold resistance. Summer to appropriate shading ventilation, winter can be placed in indoor planting.

Flowering of sedeveria Hummellii: Spring, cymes with yellow star-shaped flowers.

Sedeveria Hummellii picture

Sedeveria Hummellii

Sedeveria Hummellii characteristics

Sedeveria Hummellii is a cross between a lady heart and a quiet night, with a beautiful red tip in full sunlight. Form more from B female heart, cwe an only see some quiet night on the small red pointed shadow.

Sedeveria Hummellii habits

Sedeveria Hummellii likes sunny, dry and well-ventilated environments. It sleeps at high temperature in summer. We should pay attention to less water and avoid exposure to the sun.

Sedeveria Hummellii growing methods

1. Adapt to the environment

Sedeveria Hummellii likes full sunshine, dry and ventilated environment, drought resistance, semi-shade resistance, cold resistance, fear of humidity, avoid exposure to the sun and rainstorm.

2. Basin soil requirements

Sedeveria Hummellii's demand for basin soil must be loose, breathable, good drainage performance, more suitable.

3. Sunlight exposure

Sedeveria Hummellii is fond of full sunlight and usually has red spots on the tip of its leaves in full light.

Sedeveria Hummellii

4. Control the amount of watering

Fleshy Sedeveria Hummellii is generally watered no less than 2 times a month during the growing season, depending on the actual situation. During summer high temperature dormancy should be controlled watering, winter 0 degrees Celsius below low temperature, should also be controlled watering.

5. Adapt to the temperature

The growing season for the succulent Sedeveria Hummellii is mainly in the spring and autumn, and the suitable temperature for growing is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius, so the indoor ambient temperature must be controlled within this number.

Sedeveria Hummellii propagation method

Sedeveria Hummellii can be inserted into leaves or stems.

Sedeveria Hummellii