Sedeveria Darley dale profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 09 2021

Sedeveria Darley dale profile

Sedeveria Darley Dale is a South Korean succulent in the Sedeveria family. Sedeveria Darley Dale grows in groups, with red-green leaves in the spring, green leaves in the summer, and red leaves in December as temperatures increase. Sedeveria Darley Dale is a succulent plant that is relatively easy to maintain.

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Sedeveria Darley dale

Morphological characteristics of Sedeveria Darley dale

Sedeveria Darley Dale is a succulent plant of the genera Sedum and Lephitis. sedeveria darley dale is a horticultural hybrid. Dali is the transgenic name of sedeveria Darley Dale because its leaves are longer and denser than those of most succulents. The single head of Sedeveria Darley Dale is small, about 3-5 cm, up to 8CM in maximum, but it is easy to grow in groups. The leaves are slender, the anterior segments oblique and densely clustered on the branches. The edges of Sedeveria Darley Dale's leaves tend to turn red under certain temperature and light conditions, and even the leaves turn orange. Flowers in late spring, small, bell-shaped, white.

How to grow and care for Sedeveria Darley Dale 

Soil preparation

Sedeveria Darley Dale's succulent soil requirements, generally as long as the soil is loose and breathable, commonly used peat/coconut bran perlite ratio of about 2:1.

Adequate light

Sedeveria Darley Dale (Dali) is sensitive to light. If the light is not enough, the leaves in the heart of the plant tend to turn white, which can be considered to increase the light appropriately.


When watering Sedeveria Darley Dale suckeries, it's important to keep the water dry and well-watered, although it doesn't matter if you water it a few days early or late.

Trim plastic

Sedeveria Darley Dale tends to grow lateral branches when he has his head cut off. The old stems of the plant do not grow too thick and are more easily branched, for beauty. Long when the same should be cut off the head germination side bud so that the plant group just beautiful.

Winter maintenance

In winter Sedeveria Darley Dale can withstand the low temperature of 0℃ or so, the temperature is lower should be moved into the room, pay attention to insulation. Winter temperature below 3 degrees will gradually less water, 0 degrees below to keep the basin soil dry, try to keep not less than minus 5 degrees, so you can safely spend the winter, winter as little water as possible, spring water supply to step by step or there may be rotting root.

Sedeveria Darley dale

Summer maintenance

Sedeveria Darley Dale plants can be grown in full sun, ventilated and shaded in the summer, and watered three to four times a month, with a small amount of water at the edge of the pot, slowly through the summer to keep the roots from drying out.

Summer Dali, dormancy is not obvious, the appropriate shade is not difficult to summer.

Sedeveria Darley Dale propagation

Sedeveria Darley Dale's methods of propagation include seeding and planting, cutting, and leaf insertion. Adult Sedeveria Darley Dale can be kept in the sun all day long, ventilated and shaded in summer, and watered a little once a week to keep the root system from being too dry. In winter, when the temperature is below 5 degrees, little or no water should be used to keep the potting soil dry, so it can be safe to spend the winter.

Sedeveria Darley dale