5 flowers bloom in winter

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

5 flowers bloom in winter

Primulas bloom in winter, the common color is red, pink and so on. Camellias bloom in winter. Wintersweet flowers bloom from winter to early spring, but some species bloom as early as autumn. Magnolia flowers in winter. The following are 5 flowers that bloom in winter.

 5 flowers that bloom in winter

Primula blooms in winter

Most primroses bloom in winter. But depending on the species, the flowering time will be different. Some primroses, for example, bloom in winter. The color of primrose can be divided into many kinds, the most common yellow, pink, red and so on.

Camellia blooms in winter

Camellia flowering time can be divided into two stages, one is autumn blooming in spring of the next year, the second is winter or early spring flowering, and the second flowering time is the camellia flowering period. Camellia flowers are large, one Flower has six or seven petals, but the color is relatively simple, most of them are red.

Wintersweet blooms in winter

The flowering time is from winter this year to early spring next year, but the species named tiger's prune will bloom earlier, and generally in autumn. In real life, the most common wintersweet color is yellow, light pink, Rose and so on. Because the wintersweet with perseverance, forge ahead with good morals, so deeply loved by the people.

Florist's Cineraria blooms in winter

Florist's cineraria flowering time is in winter this year to the next spring, rich in color, common lavender, red, etc. In addition, florist's cineraria in the folk is also known as the rich flower, so with health, peace, happiness, a good implication.

Magnolia blooms in winter

Magnolia flowering time is in winter. The color is single, white. However, because of its white color, the flower language is deep feeling, innocence, gratitude, etc.

 5 flowers that bloom in winter