Portulaca gilliesii profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 30 2021

Portulaca gilliesii profile

Portulaca gilliesii belongs to the family of Portulaca genus succulent plants, native to Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and other places in South America.

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Portulaca gilliesii

Ecological habits of Portulaca gilliesii

The Portulaca Gilliesii is fully exposed to sunlight, protecting it from the direct summer heat. Ventilation should be strengthened in summer to avoid a hot and humid environment, otherwise it will cause falling leaves due to root rot.

How to care for Portulaca gilliesii

1. Environmental care

Porulaca Gilliesii likes to grow in cool soft sunlight and a warm environment.

2. Soil care

Porulaca Gilliesii is succulent in soil that is well breathable. Therefore, the soil will be mixed with coal cinder peat to ensure a good ventilation effect.

3. Lighting care

Spring and autumn are the fleshy growing seasons of Portulaca gilliesii, so it is necessary to give sufficient light. If the light of portulaca gilliesii is insufficient, the leaves of Portulaca gilliesii will grow empty. If the light of Portulaca gilliesii is sufficient, the leaves of Portulaca gilliesii will be more colorful.

4. Watering care

When watering Portulaca gilliesii succulent plants at ordinary times, the watering requirements are "dry and thoroughly watered" to avoid pot soil water leading to root rot, avoid rotten core when watering, and keep the moisture around the air, Portulaca gilliesii can often be sprayed to Portulaca gilliesii plants in the growing season.

5. Summer care

In summer, Portulaca gilliesii plants will be in a sleeping state. In summer, it is important to ensure ventilation and avoid strong sunlight exposure. In addition, it is necessary to reduce watering to prevent spoilage caused by hot and humid Portulaca gilliesii plants.

6. Winter care

In winter, the ambient temperature is generally kept above zero. If it cannot be kept above zero, it is recommended to reduce the water supply to avoid frostbite of Portulaca Gilliesii. In winter, if the basin soil can be kept dry, Portulaca Gilliesii can withstand the low temperature of minus 3 degrees.

Portulaca gilliesii

How to grow Portulaca gilliesii

Step 1: Prepare a small round pot, fill the soil high and arrange it into a hemispherical shape. These "little Portulaca gilliesii" are small and numerous, and with such a hemispherical pile, should be best suited to their dense social nature. Make the mound as round as possible.

Step 2: Pour the "Little Portulaca Gilliesii" one by one .According to the radian of the basin soil, cutting from bottom to top. The "Little Portulaca Gilliesii" should be lined up one by one, leaving space between them so they can thrive. You don't have to put too much force on it. Just put the Portulaca GilliesII on the soil and press it gently.

Step 3: Place the pot in a semi-shady environment. Watch the growth of the little Portulaca Gilliesii and plant the accidentally dropped ones back into the pot at any time. Pay attention to the moisture of the basin soil, and spray water in time to ensure that the soil is moist so that Portulaca gilliesii can take root.

Propagation of Portulaca gilliesii

You can root a fallen branch by putting Portulaca gilliesii into the ground.

The distribution area of Portulaca gilliesii

Portulaca gilliesii is originally from South America, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and other places.

Portulaca gilliesii