Pachyphytum Dr Comelius profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 02 2020

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius profile

Leaves of Pachyphytum Dr Comelius planet are rotund, spatulate, apical, arc-shaped, thickened, glossy with traces of white powder, grass green to dark green. In sufficient sunlight, the edge and tip of closely arranged leaves would be red, while in weak light. The color of leaves would be light green. The leaves would become narrow and long, and the spacing between leaves would be elongated. Spring and autumn are peak seasons for Pachyphytum Dr Comelius’s growth. Blue star beauty is one of the easiest succulent plants to breed, with little demand for light. Keep the soil in the basin wet during the growing period, do not give water in the winter when it is below -3 ℃, and gradually water it in the spring.

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius picture

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius morphological characteristics

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius flowering period is summer, flowering cycle long, when flowering out of a long pedicel, clusters of flowers, flowers in turn open, red flowers, campbell-shaped, chain arranged, flowers open five, can be cross-pollinated.

There are short stems, arranged in subrosette, leaves thick, spoon-shaped, more slender, leaf margin arc-shaped, leaves smooth, trace of white powder, leaves emerald green. If the sun is sufficient, the blade edge and blade tip will be red. If the light is weak, the leaf color is light green, the leaf is narrow and long, the leaf is easy to be long and elongated. 

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius growth environment

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius prefers a warm, dry and sunny environment. It is drought-tolerant and prefers loose, well-drained and breathable soil. It grows well in warm winters and cool summers. It is a sunny and drought-tolerant plant in the tropics.

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius main value

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius leaf shape leaf color is more beautiful, which has certain ornamental value.

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius Maintenance

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius likes light, and can use a little extra water during the spring and autumn growing season, as well as a small amount of phosphorus and potash every half a month. This time it must be full of light, otherwise water and fat is easy to grow in vain. When the temperature is high in summer, there is little water, and when the temperature is not lower than 5℃ in winter, it grows normally. 

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius method of reproduction

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius's methods of reproduction mainly include sowing and dividing plants, cutting off heads, and inserting leaves. Leaves inserted, very easy to live, generally thrown on the soil surface regardless, they will naturally germinate roots and small leaves, becoming independent of the small pachyphytum Dr Comelius.

Pachyphytum Dr Comelius