Oscularia pedunculata profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 24 2021

Oscularia pedunculata profile

Oscularia pedunculata is native to South Africa and some coastal areas of the United States. Oscularia pedunculata likes a warm and dry and sunny environment, drought resistant, afraid of water wet, no obvious dormant period.

Oscularia pedunculata picture

Oscularia pedunculata

Morphological characteristics of Oscularia pedunculata

Oscularia pedunculata, as perennial succulent, big plant in the bushes, branching stems prostrate or erect. Old branch stems are brownish red, twigs slightly pale red or yellow green, leaf was born in stalk section, fleshy, juicy three prismatic, have small serrated edge, flower flower head, petals, filaments pale purple, anthers yellow, flowering late spring or early summer.

Ecological habits of the Oscularia pedunculata

Ocularia pedunculata likes warm, dry and sunny environments, and is resistant to drought. oscularia pedunculata is afraid of water dampness, and plants in humid environments do not grow well. It has a short dormancy or dormant period in high temperature summer.

How to grow and care for Oscularia pedunculata


Oscularia pedunculata growing season watering to dry thoroughly watering thoroughly, summer into hibernation, keep the basin soil dry, watering at the right time, winter below 0℃, can be broken water to prevent plant freezing damage, or pouring a small amount of water.

The temperature

The suitable temperature for the growth of oscularia pedunculata is about 15 ~ 25℃. The freezing injury can be avoided if the temperature is kept above 5℃ in winter, and the plants will enter dormancy when the temperature is higher than 35℃ in summer.


The Oscularia pedunculata does not require high fertilizer. During the growing period, special slow-release fertilizer for meat can be applied once a month. Fertilization should be carried out in accordance with the principle of small amounts and multiple times.


The Oscularia pedunculata prefers loose, well-drained sandy soils, usually a mixture of peat, vermiculite and perlite.

Oscularia pedunculata diseases and insect pests prevention

The Oscularia Pedunculata is less prone to diseases and insect pests, and prevention is the main method to reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

Oscularia pedunculata

The propagation of the Oscularia pedunculata

The propagation methods of Oscularia pedunculata are mainly branching and cutting propagation.

Distribution of the Oscularia Pedunculata

Ocularia pedunculata is native to South Africa and some coastal areas of the United States, and can be grown in many places around the world.

Oscularia pedunculata main value

Ocularia Pedunculata leaves are lovely, peculiar, delicate color, pot can be used for the balcony, desk, a few cases and other places, is loved by the people of the emerging variety of succulent plants.

Oscularia pedunculata flower language

The Oscularia pedunculata flower language is elegant, calm, and fresh.

Oscularia pedunculata