Notocactus haselbergii profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 23 2021

Notocactus haselbergii profile

Notocactus haselbergii, also known as snow light and snow tremor, is a perennial succulent plant of Cactus family. Notocactus Haselbergii likes a warm environment with plenty of sunshine. In spring and autumn, it can be placed in the courtyard where there is always sunshine, and people living in buildings can put it on the windowsill or balcony facing the sun.

Notocactus haselbergii picture

Notocactus haselbergii

Morphological characteristics of Notocactus haselbergii

Notocactus haselbergii is a South China jade perennial succulent plants. Stems are globose or slightly oblate, about 10 cm high, solitary, 6 to 10 cm in diameter, verrucous protuberances, spirally arranged, spherical dense 3 to 5 mm radiating thorns, central thorns pale yellow. The flowers of notocactus haselbergii are terminal, funnel-shaped, crimson, and protrude from the white thorns. Very beautiful. Single flowers can open for more than 2 weeks, a continuous flowering period of about 3 months, quite ornamental value. Also in the cultivars is Notocactus haselbergii, whose sphere is similar to that of Notocactus haselbergii, with yellow spines, longer, yellow-green flowers, constant flowers open at the same time, and more precious.

Ecological habits of Notocactus haselbergii

Notocactus Haselbergii likes a warm and sunny environment. In spring and autumn, Notocactus haselbergii can be placed in the courtyard where there is always sunshine, and in the houses, it can be placed on the windowsill or balcony. Avoid strong sunlight in summer, should be an appropriate shade. We can keep basin soil slightly dry at ordinary times.Notocactus haselbergii can withstand the low temperature of 5℃. In winter, Notocactus haselbergii needs to be kept indoors for wintering. If the room temperature is kept above 5℃, the ball can be safely wintered.

Notocactus haselbergii

Growing methods of Notocactus haselbergii

The basin soil should be well-drained and fertile sandy loam soil and the fertilizer water should be appropriate. In the Notocactus haselbergii growing season, thin organic fertilizer liquid should be applied once every half a month, and attention should be paid not to splash the fertilizer water on the ball to make the white hair dirty and damage the viewing effect.

The propagation method of Notocactus haselbergii

Propagation of Notocactus haselbergii can be done by seeding, and young seedlings grow faster. Also can use two-edged arrow or flower ball as rootstock. We grafted them.

Notocactus haselbergii