Monadenium ritchiei profile

Written by Maggie

Oct 14 2021

Monadenium ritchiei profile

Monadenium ritchiei is a succulent perennial plant with low plants and many branches at the base. Monadenium ritchiei plant is green and lovely, potted ornamental people with fresh and elegant feeling. Monadenium ritchiei has a peculiar plant shape. It is suitable to grow in a warm, dry and sunny environment, with drought resistance and semi-shade resistance, not cold resistance, and avoid dampness, except for potted plants in homes dotted with balconies and other places. Monadenium ritchiei is a precious and rare succulent plant, suitable for botanical gardens and enthusiasts as a variety collection cultivation.

Monadenium ritchiei picture

Monadenium ritchiei

Monadenium ritchiei characteristics

Monadenium ritchiei is a perennial succulent plant with cylindrical stem. The monadenium ritchiei is often dumpy and fat, and the base is easily branched. The stem is covered with rhomboid nodules, and the epidermis is dark green. Leaf blade elliptic or obovate, margin serrate, green, dorsal light green, growing at apex of tuberculate and falling off early. Buds arise at interlaced points in nodules, bracts cup-shaped, pink, small flowers.

Monadenium ritchiei is a low plant with many branches at the base, fleshy stems and branches, cylindrical, about 1cm thick and about 10cm long, dark green or light green, with linear concave lines. Leaflets of monadenium ritchiei are whorled, leaf blade ovoid, green, slightly fleshy, with fine hairs, margin slightly undulating. Pseudo-umbels, florets yellow-green.

Monadenium ritchiei has slender columnar branches, oblique growth, fleshy elliptic leaves with a pointed tip, green mixed with purple spots, and grey-green flowers. Monadenium ritchiei is another type in the genus. The fleshy, easily branched stems are spherical at first, and then gradually become cylindrical about 40 cm high, with nodular bulges on the surface.

The leaves of Monadenium ritchiei are elliptic, slightly fleshy, dark green with pronounced grayish-white veins on the adaxial surface, slightly lighter on the back and pale pink on the flowers. Monadenium ritchiei exposed to prolonged light can turn purplish red.

Monadenium ritchiei Ecological habits

Monadenium ritchiei is suitable for warm, dry and sunny environments, resistant to drought and semi-shade, not cold, and avoids dampness.

The main growth period of Monadenium ritchiei is the spring and autumn season. Water it "dry and thoroughly" to avoid long-term water accumulation in the basin soil, otherwise it will cause rot. When the air is dry, pay attention to spray water to the plant to make it bright and vibrant. Apply a thin, decrepit liquid or compound fertilizer once a month to provide sufficient nutrients for robust plant growth.

Although the plants of Monadenium ritchiei are not dormant in summer, they grow slowly. Therefore, ventilation should be strengthened, proper shading should be done to prevent the hot sun from being insulated, and too much water should not be watered. In winter, Monadenium ritchiei is placed indoors in a sunny place, and the soil in the basin is kept moderately dry. Monadenium ritchiei can be safely wintered above 5°C.

When the temperature is right and the Monadenium ritchiei starts to grow, new leaves will sprout at the top. Every 1 ~ 2 years in the spring for a basin, basin soil should be used loose and fertile, drainage permeability good sandy soil, available leaf soil 2, garden soil 1, coarse sand or vermiculite 3, plus a small amount of cooked bone powder mixed preparation.

The suitable temperature for growth of Monadenium ritchiei is 18-24 ° C, and the temperature in winter should be above 10 ° C. Growing period watering 1 time a week, basin soil to keep slightly wet, but should not be too wet. After falling leaves in winter, enter the dormant period, water 1 times a month, keep basin soil slightly dry. Get plenty of sunshine and avoid the glare. The basin soil should be a fertile, loose and well-drained sandy loam with a small amount of calcareous material.

How to grow and care for Monadenium ritchiei

Light: the four seasons can be sufficient, without shade, too shade, easy to grow, weak.

Watering: must be dry and wet alternately, do not water too much.

Pots: Monadenium ritchiei planting pots should not be too large. This is also a measure to prevent waterlogging.

Basin soil: it is best to mix furnace ash with garden soil and organic fertilizer.

Temperature: It is advisable to keep above 10℃ during the winter.

Since the leaves of Monadenium ritchiei have a lot of juice, they should not be damaged as far as possible and should be placed in a position with good lighting and ventilation conditions. Monadenium ritchiei is very sensitive to water, the requirements of dry wet, uneven or excessive watering will cause rot, every watering to be watered thoroughly, such as pot soil dry after watering the second time, try to keep the pot soil dry in winter, basically no diseases and insect pests. In winter, the room temperature should not be lower than 5℃, and the suitable growth temperature is 18-30℃.

Monadenium ritchiei

Monadenium ritchiei Propagation

Sowing methods and cuttage propagation of Monadenium ritchiei are commonly used.

The propagation of Monadenium ritchiei can be in the growing season to cut strong and substantial fleshy stems, airing 1 ~ 2 days later in the sand for cuttings, after the planting to keep the soil a little moisture, easy to root.

Monadenium ritchiei can survive cuttings, but it is not easy to form fleshy globular roots, so it is best to use a sowing method to propagate. In order to accelerate the growth rate, Monadenium ritchiei can also be used as rootstock, such as Euphorbiaceae Euphorbiaceae, Rhizoma Rhizoma, etc., and grafted by the method of flat grafting, which has good effect.

Try to keep the basin soil dry Monadenium ritchiei is basically free of pests and diseases.

Monadenium ritchiei Variety

In the same genus as Monadenium ritchiei, M. montanum is also found in cultivation, with fleshy globular roots and grayish white epidermis, usually half of which is exposed to the soil. Monadenium ritchiei is native to Kenya, East Africa.

Monadenium ritchiei uses

Potted role

The Monadenium ritchiei is green and lovely, and the potted ornamental plants give people a fresh and elegant feeling: Monadenium ritchiei has a peculiar plant shape. In addition to the potted Monadenium ritchiei for the balcony and several desks, the two plants are relatively rare, and succulent plant lovers can also be used as varieties for collection and cultivation.

Radiation protection

In absorbing radiation can release oxygen at the same time, in the indoor of 15 square metre, put 2-3 Monadenium ritchiei can absorb the harmful gas of indoor 80% above. Appropriate put in the position with better daylighting and ventilation conditions.

Garden use of Monadenium ritchiei

Monadenium ritchiei is a rare and precious species, which is suitable for botanical gardens and lovers to collect and cultivate.

Monadenium ritchiei