Miniature barrel cactus (Thelocactus setispinus) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 08 2021

Miniature barrel cactus (Thelocactus setispinus) profile

Miniature Barrel Cactus (Thelocactus setispinus) is a spherical to cylindrical-shaped plant of the genus Miniature Barrel Cactus. Miniature Barrel Cactus is one of the most outstanding cactus flowers. Miniature Barrel Cactus is a native of southern Texas and northern Mexico, where the climate is hot, with frosty winter nights, intense sunlight, and long dry periods. The special geographical environment creates its distinctive morphological characteristics. Miniature Barrel Cactus is a species of cactus, with both left-handed and right-handed shapes. The ball is elegant and green, and the flowers and colors are gorgeous, so it is a good ornamental value.

Miniature barrel cactus picture

Miniature barrel cactus

Morphological features of Miniature barrel cactus

When the ball grows too high, the base of the ball begins to shrink. The sphere has thinner edges, usually 13 edges, and spirals to the left or right. miniature barrel cactus body color is green or dark green. Miniature barrel cactus has 1-3 spines, straight or slightly curved, brown;Another radial side thorn 10, grayish brown. Flowers are funnelform, apical, yellow, inner petals red at base. Berries are red. Flowering period is in summer.

Ecological habits of Miniature barrel cactus

Miniature barrel cactus has very strong vitality. Winter can withstand 0 degrees. It can grow all year round if the temperature is suitable.

Because the ball is native to southern Texas and northern Mexico, miniature barrel cactus has a special climate, hot in summer and frosty at night in winter. Strong sunshine and long dry spells. Therefore, the ball is not only resistant to high temperature, drought and cold.

The special geographical environment creates the distinctive morphological characteristics of Miniature Barrel Cactus. First, the ridge is high, the edge of the edge is wavy and spirally arranged. Some of the spheres rotate to the left, some to the right, and even mutate into "double-headed". Second, the flowering period is long and the flowering times are high.  

Garden use of Miniature barrel cactus

Miniature Barrel Cactus is ideal for potting. Miniature Barrel Cactus was highly prized for its unusual shape and its fruit and fruit.

After stopping flowers in October, the ball basin with fruit will be placed in the book case, living room, tea table, its spiral sphere, red and bright fruit, very eye-catching.

Miniature barrel cactus distribution

Miniature barrel cactus is native to Mexico and southwest North America.

Miniature barrel cactus

Miniature Barrel Cactus propagation

Miniature barrel cactus mainly propagates by sowing and division propagation. Miniature barrel cactus flowers easily and is easy to grow.

Miniature barrel cactus growing methods

Miniature Barrel Cactus is a vigorous, fast-growing creature that likes sunshine and good ventilation. Growing season can be planted outdoors in the sun, winter tolerance -5°C low temperature, but indoor maintenance is better. The requirement of soil quality is not strict. Watering should be wet and dry. Thin fertilizer water can be applied once a month. Potted soil can be used with rustic soil, rotting leaf, coarse sand and the right amount of calcareous material mix and become, and grow in loose and fertile, good drainage soil robust. The growing period needs to keep the basin soil moist, the basin soil is dry after watering, but not water. Apply liquid fertilizer once a month.Winter should keep the soil dry, promote its dormancy, in order to make the next year colorful flowers.

Miniature barrel cactus likes less rain and dry cultivation environment, the soil requirements are not high, as long as the use of good drainage breathable, not too fertile sandy soil cultivation can be robust growth. Although like less rain and dry, such as a long time without watering will cause the ball wrinkle aging, prone to purple rust. Watering should master the principle of not pouring, pouring is pouring through. Water quality application does not contain salt, alkali rainwater, pool water and not polluted river water, with tap water had better be saved after a day to use. Winter water evaporation should be slow to keep dry soil, usually about two weeks in the middle of the day for a proper amount of watering.

In the growth season appropriate fertilization can make the ball grow speed up, can use the decayed cake fertilizer and decayed fish fertilizer, alternate fertilization every ten days, in order to meet the ball growth and development and bud flowering needs of nourishment.  

Growing Miniature barrel cactus from seed 

Miniature barrel cactus can be effortlessly grown from seed. Fill a flat with industrial cactus combine and sow the seeds on the floor of the soil. Sprinkle a skinny layer of sand on the pinnacle of the seeds and then the soil desires to be evenly misted. Cover the flat with a lid or plastic wrap and preserve it in a heat location. The seeds effortlessly germinate and can be transplanted when they are massive adequate to a larger container. Always use gloves when dealing with barrel cactus, as their spines can be painful.

Disease control of Miniature barrel cactus

Miniature Barrel Cactus is susceptible to rotting disease and red spider, so it can be prevented by improving ventilation and increasing light intensity.

Miniature barrel cactus