Mammillaria prohjera profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 22 2021

Mammillaria prohjera profile

Mammillaria prohjera is the cactus of succulent plants, and like most cactus plants. Mammillaria prohjera has relatively high ornamental value.

Mammillaria prohjera picture

Mammillaria prohjera

The growth habits of Mammillaria prohjera

Mammillaria Prohjera prefers to grow in a warm, dry environment. It likes adequate light, afraid of direct light, can be cold, but the grade of the curing temperature is not better than 5℃, and it can withstand drought. Cultivation is chosen for soils that should be fertile and sandy with good drainage.

Mammillaria prohjera morphological characteristics

Mammillaria prohjera is a perennial succulent plant. Stems are globose, gregarious, green, 3 -- 4cm in diameter. There were 60 radiating spines, which were hairlike and white. Mammillaria prohjera has 5-9 spines, yellowish brown. Flowers are funnel-shaped, yellow-white.

How to grow and care for Mammillaria prohjera

Lighting care

Mammillaria prohjera is a light-loving succulent, but afraid of the scorchingsun exposure, so, spring and autumn winter three seasons Mammillaria prohjera can be full sunshine, hot summer is appropriate shade, and to maintain a good ventilation environment.

Soil care

Cultivation of succulent Mammillaria prohjera requires soil with good drainage, with fertile leaf rot soil plus coarse sand as the best.

Water care

Mammillaria prohjera, like other succulents, is relatively drought-tolerant, dry before watering, dry without watering. Pot plant Mammillaria Prohjera growing process to keep dry, do not be too wet, otherwise the root is very easy to rot.

Mammillaria prohjera

Propagation methods of Mammillaria prohjera

How to propagate succulent Mammillaria Prohjera? Mammillaria Prohjera generally propagates by sowing, cuttings, planting and grafting method of propagation

Mammillaria Prohjera cutting propagation. Directly from the mother plant stripped down the ball, inserted in the sand bed, about 2 weeks after taking root.

The succulent Mammillaria prohjera spawn breeding, preferably in spring combined with the replacement of pots. Mammillaria Prohjera sub-plant propagation, and other succulent plants, Mammillaria Prohjera mother plant even root dig up, choose robust plants for sub-plant, its cut into several strains, transplanting can be.

The succulent Mammillaria Prohjera can use the way of sowing and breeding, but Mammillaria Prohjera sowing propagation in Mammillaria Prohjera flowering, pay attention to the collection of seeds, spring sowing can be slow, germination, sowing 10 days after germination, need to wait patiently.

Multi fleshy Mammillaria Prohjera grafting propagation, the general amount of days as rootstocks, because the ball of Mammillaria Prohjera avoid soft stems, the operation needs to be careful, the survival rate is lower than the hard stem.

The value of Mammillaria Prohjera

Mammillaria prohjera is an interesting little plant with red fruit. Mammillaria Prohjera is more suitable for bonsai or bonsai farming, general family farming will be placed in the windowsill desk and so on.

Mammillaria prohjera