Lesser bougainvillea profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

Lesser bougainvillea profile
The Lesser Bougainvillea,scientific name Bougainvillea glabra, is an evergreen climbing shrub. Lesser Bougainvillea prefers warm, humid climates, not cold and full of light.

Lesser Bougainvillea picture

Lesser Bougainvillea
Lesser bougainvillea is one of the best evergreen plants for containers

The morphological characteristics of Lesser Bougainvillea


The Lesser Bougainvillea is a rattan shrub. Stems are stout, branches pendulous, glabrous or sparsely pubescent; Spines are axillary, 5-15 mm long.


Leaves of the Lesser bougainvillea are papery, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, 5-13 cm long and 3-6 cm wide, apically acute or acuminate, basally rounded or broadly cuneate, glabrous above, puberulent below; Petiole of lesser bougainvillea is 1 cm long.


In three bracts, pedicels are adnate to the midrib of the bracts, one flower on each bud of the Lesser bougainvillea; Bracts of Lesser bougainvillea are leaf-shaped, purple or magenta, oblong or elliptic, 2.5 -- 3.5 x 2 cm, papery; Flower tubes ca. is 2 cm, pale green, sparsely pubescent, angulate, apical 5-lobed; Lesser bougainvillea has 6-8 stamens; Style is lateral, linear, margin extended into flaky, stigma acute; Disk is connate at base annular, upper lacerate.

The flowering period of Lesser Bougainvillea is between winter and spring (Guangzhou, Hainan and Kunming).

Lesser bougainvillea distribution range

Originally from Brazil. In southern China, Lesser bougainvillea grow in gardens and parks, and in northern China, they grow in greenhouses. They are beautiful ornamental plants.


Lesser bougainvillea growing methods  

1. Adapt to the temperature  

Lesser Bougainvillea grows at an appropriate temperature of 15-30 ° C. It can withstand the high temperature of 35 ° C in summer and should maintain an ambient temperatu
of no less than 5 ° C in winter. Otherwise, it is susceptible to cold leaves when the temperature is below 5 ° C for a long time. Lesser bougainvillea likes warm and humid climate, not cold resistant, in 3℃ above can be safe winter, 15℃ above before flowering.  

2. Adequate light  

Lesser Bougainvillea likes light and is a positive flower. Insufficient light in the growing season will cause the plant to grow weakly and affect the pregnant bud and flowering. Therefore, the seedlings in the new pot should be placed in a semi-shady place all the year round except those in the new pot. In winter Lesser bougainvillea should be placed in the south window, and the light time can not be less than 8 hours, otherwise it is easy to see a large number of leaves. Lesser bougainvillea is a short-day flower, light time is controlled in about 9 hours a day, and can be in a month and a half after the bud blooms.

3. Proper soil

Lesser Bougainvillea prefers loose and fertile slightly acidic soil to avoid waterlogging. In pot planting, one portion of leaf rot soil, peat soil, sand soil and garden soil can be used, and a small amount of decaying cake residue can be added as base fertilizer to make culture soil. Flowering plants every year to turn over the basin for soil, time with early spring sprouting before it is good, when changing the basin with scissors cut had been close and senile branches of Lesser bougainvillea.

4. Watering in different seasons

Spring and autumn two seasons Lesser bougainvillea should be watered once a day, summer can every morning and evening each water, winter temperature is low, the Lesser bougainvillea is dormant state, we should control watering, in order to keep the basin soil was moist state is appropriate.

The floral language of Lesser Bougainvillea

Lesser Bougainvillea's flower language: passion, tenacity and perseverance. There is another meaning of another flower: "no true love is a kind of sadness."

The role of Lesser Bougainvillea

The Lesser bougainvillea bracts are large, brightly colored, and last for a long time, suitable for gardening or potted ornamental. Lesser Bougainvillea can also be used as a bonsai, hedgerow and trim model. The leaves and flowers are of high ornamental value. They are used as climbing flowers for wall cultivation in southern China. Every Spring Festival, green leaves against the bright red piece, as if the peacock, especially bright and dazzling. Northern potted plants, placed in the porch, courtyard and hall entrance, very eye-catching. Leaves and flowers of Lesser bougainvillea in hometown Brazil, women often inserted in the head for decoration, have a unique style. Lesser bougainvillea are used as cut flowers in Europe and America. Lesser bougainvillea can open twice a year, can use flower frames in south China area, cover for doors or high walls, form three-dimensional flowers, north regard potted flowers as main use at winter view flower.