Lesser Bougainvillea plant care

Written by Maggie

Jan 31 2021

Lesser Bougainvillea plant care

Lesser Bougainvillea blooms four times from spring to fall. It is loved by people and is often planted in gardens and flower walls. How to care for Lesser Bougainvillea leaves yellowing or wilting? Let's look together.

care for Lesser Bougainvillea

Lesser Bougainvillea care for leaves yellowing 

There are many reasons for lesser bougainvillea leaves yellow. If too much watering is caused, it can be properly watered, kept in loose breathable soil, watering needs to strengthen ventilation, and regularly loosen the soil. If fertilization is caused by improper, thin fertilizer can be applied frequently, dilute fertilizer. If infection disease brings about, the leaf that produces disease is removed in time, the spray agent will treat it. If it is caused by insufficient sunlight, keep it in a sunny place to see more sunlight to promote growth. The following are details of Lesser Bougainvillea care for leaves yellowing.

1. Watering care

Lesser Bougainvillea needs a certain amount of water during the whole growth period, so attention should be paid to watering regularly. However, Lesser Bougainvillea cannot bear the moisture of water, so it should not water too much. If the soil is rigid and does not seep, excessive water will result in too much water in the soil, thus causing stuffy roots and yellowing leaves. When we care for  Lesser Bougainvillea, Water Lesser Bougainvillea properly and keep it in loose, breathable soil. If you water too much, you can strengthen ventilation, regularly loosen the soil, to promote water penetration and evaporation.

2. Fertilization care

Lesser Bougainvillea blooms. It needs to be fertilised, but it cannot tolerate thick fertilise. If it is applied too much, too thick and too raw, it will cause roots to burn, turning the leaves yellow and falling off at a touch. When we care for  Lesser Bougainvillea, fertilization must adhere to the thin fertilizer frequently applied, regular topdressing of thin fertilizer in the growing period, dilution of good fertilizer. If you apply too much fertilizer, dilute it with water.

3. Disease control

Lesser Bougainvillea is also prone to yellow leaves and leaf loss if she is infected with diseases such as leaf spot and brown spot. When we care for  Lesser Bougainvillea, in a peacetime growth period that needs to strengthen ventilation, disease leaves timely removal, spraying agents to treat.

4. Light care

Lesser Bougainvillea is very fond of light, as a lack of light can lead to thin branches, yellow leaves and leaf loss. When we care for  Lesser Bougainvillea, Lesser Bougainvillea can be kept in a sunny place to encourage growth.

care for Lesser Bougainvillea

Lesser Bougainvillea care for leaves wilting

Lesser Bougainvillea can survive wilting leaves, which may be linked to moisture, fertiliser and light. When we care for  Lesser Bougainvillea, if excessive water or fertilizer causes leaf wilting, Lesser Bougainvillea shall be drained and diluted in time. If it is caused by insufficient light, Lesser Bougainvillea shall be kept outside for maintenance and supplemented with light so that it can grow normally. The following are Lesser Bougainvillea cares for leaves wilting.

Lesser Bougainvillea is vigorous, does not die easily and can survive with withered leaves. When we care for  Lesser Bougainvillea Lesser Bougainvillea's leaves wilted, possibly due to excess water. During maintenance, if there is too much watering, the soil of Lesser Bougainvillea should be loosened and drained in time. Keeping Lesser Bougainvillea in a warm, ventilated location will accelerate the evaporation of water.

Leaves in the Lesser Bougainvillea wilted during growth, which may also have been caused by excessive fertilisation. If too much fertilizer causes the Lesser bougainvillea's leaves to wilt, the Lesser bougainvillea should be watered to dilute the fertility. When we care for  Lesser Bougainvillea, it is necessary to adjust the fertilization method and times and properly fertilize Lesser Bougainvillea so that it can grow normally.

In the growing season, Lesser Bougainvillea's leaves will wilt in the later stage if there is insufficient light. If the Lesser Bougainvillea lacks light, it can be conserved outdoors in a sunny location where it can photosynthesize and accumulate nutrients. When we care for  Lesser Bougainvillea, note that Lesser Bougainvillea is not tolerant to bright light and will need to be moved to a cool place for maintenance during the summer months.

In order to make Lesser Bougainvillea grow better during the maintenance period, reasonable maintenance is required. Lesser Bougainvillea likes a warm and ventilated environment, which should be kept ventilated during maintenance. A good environment is conducive to the growth of Lesser Bougainvillea. When we care for  Lesser Bougainvillea, the Lesser Bougainvillea should be watered and fertilized appropriately and given sufficient nutrients to make it grow healthily.

care for Lesser Bougainvillea