How to grow and care for Lesser Bougainvillea

Written by Maggie

Jan 31 2021

How to grow and care for Lesser Bougainvillea
As long as the temperature is right, Lesser Bougainvillea can flower all year round. The three outer bracts of the flower are leaflike. Lesser Bougainvillea likes high temperature and a humid environment. Lesser Bougainvillea likes light. The optimum temperature for growth is 25 ~ 30%.

 care for Lesser Bougainvillea

The flowers of lesser bougainvillea are peculiar and beautiful, and when they open they are full of branches. Lesser Bougainvillea requires strong light and leaves will fall in the semi-shade, so it is only suitable for viewing on the balcony with light or on the balcony outer frame. Now, let's look at the growing Lesser Bougainvillea care.

1. Soil selection care for growing Lesser Bougainvillea

The culture soil is accumulated with loam, cow dung, leaf rot soil, sand and so on, and then added with a proper amount of bone meal. When we grow and care for Lesser Bougainvillea, Lesser Bougainvillea should be planted correctly, filled with solid culture soil and watered thoroughly. In the process of cultivation, the heart should be often picked to form a cluster and low plant type.A bracket can also be set to make it climb up.

The household can use the following soil formula: garden soil: leaf rot soil: sand = 5:3:2; Peat: leaf rot: sand: perlite =5:2:2:1.

2. Watering care for growing Lesser Bougainvillea  

Lesser Bougainvillea has a large demand for water, especially in the middle of summer. Lack of water is likely to cause falling leaves, which will affect growth and flowering. Therefore, the summer flowering water 2 times a day, water in the morning, after 4 PM, water 1 times; Flowers can be properly reduced after watering, wet soil will cause fallen leaves and rotten roots; Winter control watering, basin soil does not water. However, when we grow and care for Lesser Bougainvillea, the water should be drained 4 to 5 weeks before the flowering of Lesser Bougainvillea, that is, watered once, and then watered after the leaves or tender buds drooping, which is conducive to the differentiation and formation of flower buds.

Lesser Bougainvillea prefers wet soil and is afraid of water. With the acceleration of the growth trend in spring, water is needed every day, and often sprinkles water to its leaves and all around to increase air humidity, air humidity is insufficient, easy to fall leaves. Lesser Bougainvillea flowers and leaves, summer consumption of water is large, it is best to pour water in the morning and evening every day, so that the soil is in a moist state, increase the number of sprinkles to its leaves and around. When the temperature is cool in autumn, keep the soil moist. When we grow and care for Lesser Bougainvillea at the end of autumn, winter and early spring, when the temperature is low (about 10℃), water less, so that the basin soil is dry. But if the indoor temperature is kept above 15℃, watering should be more, so that the basin soil is moist. 

3. Fertilization care for growing Lesser Bougainvillea  

Lesser Bougainvillea is a fertilizer lover, applying nitrogen every 10-15 days after warm weather in the spring, cake water once a week during the growing period and phosphate several times during the flowering period. When we grow and care for Lesser Bougainvillea, reduce the amount of fertilizer after cool autumn, stop fertilizing in winter.Growth and flowering season can be foliar spray 1000 times potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution 2 ~ 3 times, or every 10 days 1000 times the topdressing "Hua Duo Duo" general fertilizer 1 times.

Stop fertilizing in autumn when the temperature is cool. Late autumn, winter, early spring when the temperature is low, not fertilization. But if the temperature is above 15℃, mixed liquid fertilizer can be applied once every other month.

Lesser Bougainvillea is sensitive to urea, which may lead to luxuriant leaves and less flowers if not applied properly, so it should be applied with extreme caution.

The nutrient growing season for Lesser Bougainvillea is in the spring after the flowers fade, and urea can be applied every week. This can not only supplement the consumption of post-flowering plants, but also promote the growth of new branches, and lay a good foundation for reproductive growth.

When we grow and care for Lesser Bougainvillea in summer, some liquid fertilizer should be applied thinly. When conditions permit, 0.2% ~ 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be used as foliar topdressing, once every half a month.In the early stage of flower growth, urea should be applied once to facilitate flower growth.

 care for Lesser Bougainvillea

4. Light and temperature care for growing Lesser Bougainvillea  

When we grow and care for Lesser Bougainvillea, the suitable temperature for Lesser Bougainvillea's growth is 20-30 ℃, and the temperature is lower than 5℃ in winter.

Lesser Bougainvillea is fond of light, and a lack of light during the growing season can weaken the plant and prevent it from flowering.Winter should be placed in a bright light line, and the light can not be less than 8 hours a day, otherwise it is easy to appear a lot of leaves.

5. Trimming care for growing Lesser Bougainvillea

Lesser Bougainvillea has a lot of fallen leaves and flowers in the flowering period, so it needs plastic trimming after flowering.Potted often cut into a round head crown or binding modelling, the requirements of branching, flowering close, form a gorgeous crown. When we grow and care for Lesser Bougainvillea, the ground planting needs to set up support, so that it climbs on the shelf. The heart of a new branch should be plucked often. After changing a basin, branches of a few dense branches, long branches, dead branches, pests and diseases undertake pruning, promoting more new branches. The core was picked to control the growth and promote the formation of flower buds and vigorous flowering. Plants that are 5 to 6 years old should be cut short or recut and renewed once.

 care for Lesser Bougainvillea