Green Pinwheel (Aeonium Decorum) Profile - Succulent Plant

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2022

Green Pinwheel (Aeonium Decorum) Profile - Succulent Plant

Green pinwheel suculent, scientific name Aeonium decorum, is a lotus palmataceae plants, mostly used for garden bonsai and home plant decoration.

Green pinwheel picture

Green pinwheel

Characteristics of green pinwheel


The plant of green pinwheel is slightly branched with fleshy leaves arranged in a rosette. Leaves ARE obovate, tip pointed, slightly concave in the center of the front, and with fine villi, keel convex on the back, lash-like serrations on the margin of the leaves, rich in color, the central part of the apricot yellow, mixed with light green, the outer margin is red, red brown and pink color.


The flowers of Green pinwheel are racemose, after which the whole plant withers and dies, so the plant is generally not allowed to blossom in cultivation.

How to grow green pinwheel

Green pinwheel plants are dormant or semi-dormant in high temperature in summer, and can be maintained in bright light without direct sunlight. The light is too strong, and it is easy to burn the leaves. But too shaded, the leaf color is dim, weak growth. In addition, to strengthen ventilation, moderate watering, avoid hot, humid environments, otherwise the Green pinwheel is easy to rot. Winter is as much as possible to see the sun, if you can maintain the temperature above 12℃, and can continue to water, so that the plant grows. If it can not maintain such a high temperature, keep basin soil moderately dry, and can also withstand the low temperature of 5℃. Value spring, autumn growing season, can not be too shaded;Water the plants well, keep the soil moist, but not continuously stagnant water. Spray the Green pinwheel when the air is dry to freshen the leaves. Apply decayed thin liquid fertilizer every 20 days or so, and pay attention not to splash the fertilizer water on the leaves. Depending on the growth, the pot should be replaced every 2 ~ 3 years. It is better to replace the pot in early spring or early autumn when the Green pinwheel is just beginning to grow. The pot soil should be sandy loam with good drainage and air permeability.

Green pinwheel

How to propagate green pinwheel

The propagation of Green pinwheel can be cut in the growing season of spring and autumn. The cuttings can be cut from rosette leaf bushes or cut with leaves alone. Before the cuttings are inserted, they can be dried for a while, then inserted in plain sand or vermiculite and placed in the semi-shade.

Distribution of green pinwheel

Green pinwheel is commonly found in Mexico and Madagascar.

The use of the Green pinwheel in gardens

Green Pinwheel plant shape is beautiful and beautiful, the leaf color is gorgeous and gorgeous, commonly used small craft potted plants, decoration windowsill, several frames, desk and other places, the effect is very good. In addition, succulent lovers can also collect cultivation as varieties.

Green pinwheel