Echinus Maximilianus Profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 08 2021

Echinus Maximilianus Profile

Echinus Maximilianus is native to South Africa.It is now popular all over the world as a potted fleshy ornamental plant. 

Echinus Maximilianus

Echinus Maximilianus Morphological Characteristics

The xylem stem of Echinus Maximilianus is erect or prostrate, young mauve, plant height up to 20 cm;Leaves are opposite to each other, connected at the base and around the stem, thick and fleshy, slightly powdery, translucent lines along the margin and back of the leaves, slightly purplish red at the tip and margin in sunny conditions, plant morphology similar to that of Crabapple.Small pink or fuchsia flowers bloom from late winter to early spring.The leaf surface of the echinus maximilianus is clearly textured, the leaves are short and pink.

Echinus Maximilianus Growth Environment

Echinus Maximilianus prefers a warm, dry and sunny environment. It is drought-resistant and requires loose sandy loam with good drainage.It grows well in warm winter and cool summer.It is a tropical sunny, drought - tolerant plant, not cold resistant. In winter, the minimum temperature should be above 10 degrees.

Echinus Maximilianus Geographic Distribution

Echinus Maximilianus is found in South Africa and Namibia.

Echinus Maximilianus

Echinus Maximilianus Care

Echinus Maximilianus is a perennial evergreen succulent herb. Echinus Maximilianus care is very simple except in summer.


Though Echinus maximilianus is resistant to shade, it likes sufficient sunlight. It is best to give sufficient scattering light to Echinus Maximilianus. If the plant grows in a lack of light for a long time, the plant will grow deform, seriously affecting the ornamental plants. In the summer it can and should be placed indoors in a cool place. If you want it to grow quickly, it should be placed on an open balcony or near a well-lit window. After the winter it can be placed in the sun a bit better place, such as the balcony or the window sill of the house.


The suitable growth temperature of Echinus Maximilianus is between 10-25 degrees Celsius, and the temperature change can affect the color of the leaves. If the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, there may be freezing damage or even death. In winter, the temperature can be normal growth in 18-20 degrees Celsius. If in summer the temperature is too high or close to 40 degrees Celsius, you need to do appropriate shading treatment. You can't let it stay in a tight high temperature environment for a long time. You should always pay attention to give it a good ventilation environment.


Spring is the most suitable time for the growth of Echinus Maximilianus, and in summer, is basically its dormant period. In the dormant period, we must reduce the number of watering and the amount of watering, the soil can not have water, because the plant into the dormant period of root absorption of water will be reduced, water will make the plant rot. Usually when watering also try to use a spray can, just on the leaves. Spray a small amount of water, both to cool the plant, and can add water to the plant. Winter temperature is low, Echinus Maximilianus growth and breathing are very slow, so you can appropriately reduce watering.


Echinus Maximilianus is not resistant to concentrated fertilizer, easy to cause fertilizer harm. So you need to use water or dilute the fertilizer solution of Echinus Maximilianus, but can not apply fertilizer concentrated fertilizer. You can also spray fertilizer on the surface of Echinus Maximilianus leaf with liquid fertilizer in a small pot. In Echinus Maximilianus growing period, every half a month you need apply fertilizer again.


Like other succulents, Echinus Maximilianus requires airy soil.


Pruning the heart of the newly grown Echinus Maximilianus seedlings when they reach a height of 10cm will ensure it better growth. When pruning, watch the Echinus Maximilianus plant overall growth, and just appropriately cut long branches.

Echinus Maximilianus Propagation

Echinus Maximilianus is usually propagated by cuttings. It comes into dormancy in summer, and pay attention to shade and water control operations.Echinus Maximilianus is generally propagated by cutting healthy old branches and cutting them into the breathable and slightly moist soil, which is very easy to root. The survival rate of cutting in spring and autumn is very high.

Echinus Maximilianus Main Value

The Echinus Maximilianus potted plant is usually placed on windowsills, balconies and courtyards for viewing. The leaf shape is peculiar, the leaf color is beautiful, is one kind of rare view leaf plant, suits the potted view. Echinus Maximilianus plant shape, leaf shape are peculiar, slow growth, easy to maintain posture. The whole plant has beautiful crafts, color quietly elegant, decorated hall, desk, several cases are very appropriate.

Echinus Maximilianus