Echeveria spruce-oliver profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 08 2021

Echeveria spruce-oliver profile

Echeveria spruce-oliver is a succulent plant of the genus Sedum. Echeveria spruce-oliver is also a succulent variety with long stems, and the old piles are easy to form small shrubs. Echeveria spruce-oliver leaves are more elongated, reddish on the back, and covered with short hairs. Echeveria spruce-oliver vitality is relatively strong, can be beheaded by the way to let the plant bifurcation modeling. The Echeveria spruce-oliver the old pile is suitable for matching the shape of the long tubular flower wares, graceful and graceful, and rich in scenery. Echeveria spruce-oliver propagation can be beheaded or leaves inserted propagation.

Echeveria spruce-oliver picture

Echeveria spruce-oliver

Echeveria spruce-oliver plant form

Echeveria spruce- Oliver, a small shrubby herb, is one of the few downy stone lotus flowers. Echeveria spruce-oliver leaves are small and long, and its flowering period is autumn and winter. The leaf color is bright green all the year round, and the temperature difference between day and night is large or the edge of the leaf will turn red in winter. Low light state is light green leaves, leaves are easy to elongate, loosely arranged. The leaves of the plants are fluff prone to water accumulation. Echeveria spruce-oliver is a small variety, after many years of group growth, the plant will be very spectacular, clusters of flowers, yellow flowers, five lobed.

Echeveria spruce-oliver growth habits

Echeveria Spruce-Oliver is very fond of the sun, and the red glow requires full sunlight to make the leaf margin bright and the plant shape compact and beautiful. Echeveria Spruce-Oliver doesn't need much water. However, the spring and autumn growing season can still be a lot of watering, winter try to maintain more than 5 °C. Especially sensitive to drugs, should try to avoid spraying drugs to the leaf surface.

Echeveria spruce-oliver

The Echeveria spruce-oliver growing method

Echeveria Spruce-Oliver requires full sunlight for a bright leaf margin and a more compact plant form.Echeveria Spruce-Oliver is a small variety that grows in groups for many years and produces spectacular clusters of yellowish, five-lobed flowers.

Echeveria Spruce-Oliver requires full sunlight and a cool, dry environment, tolerating semi-shade, avoiding water logging and hot and humid conditions. It has the habit of growing in the cold season and dormant in high temperature in summer. Every year from autumn to early summer of the next year is the growing season of the plant (the environment of flower friends is different, the growing season also has length). If the light is not enough, the leaves of the plant will grow empty, and the red color of the leaf margin will gradually fade. Echeveria spruce-oliver grown in full sunlight, on the other hand, tend to have stout plants and compact leaves.

The Echeveria spruce-oliver is kept in a room full of sunshine. Keep the soil moist during the growing season to avoid standing water. Soil kite uses coal cinder mixed peat, a small amount of perlite, the ratio is about 5:4:1, Echeveria spruce-oliver can withstand the low temperature of about minus 2℃, is indoor temperature, not open air, and then the low top growth point of the leaf will appear frostbite, dry and die, the whole winter basic water, 5 degrees below will begin to slowly cut off water.

Echeveria spruce-oliver