How to grow and care for Echeveria spruce-oliver

Written by Maggie

Feb 08 2021

How to grow and care for Echeveria spruce-oliver

How to grow and care for Echeveria spruce-oliver? Echeveria spruce-Oliver is a succulent plant of the herbaceous family. The edges of its leaves turn red at high or low temperatures and look wonderful and beautiful. Echeveria spruce- Oliver is also relatively easy to grow and is generally a relatively easy plant to survive. But there are some meat lovers who haven't mastered the Echeveria Spruce-Oliver method of growing, so there are sometimes all kinds of annoying yellow leaves and so on. Here is how to grow and care for Echeveria Spruce-Oliver and Echeveria spruce-oliver propagation.

Light care for growing echeveria spruce-oliver

Spring/Fall: Echeveria Spruce-Oliver grows from autumn to summer. When we grow and care for Echeveria spruce-oliver, lack of light during the growing season causes the plant to grow fruitless and the red leaves to lose their luster at the edges. But if the light is too bright, the Echeveria spruce-oliver does not grow well enough to reach its normal height and the leaves are too compact .So it's important to take care of the light management of the Echeveria Spruce-Oliver in the spring and autumn. Although the light is not very bright at this time, it's also important to avoid the sun and enjoy the rest of the day at any time. Enjoy the sun but also make sure the environment is semi-cloudy but not so humid that it can cause root ulcers.

Winter care for growing echeveria spruce-oliver

Although the Echeveria Spruce-Oliver is resistant to low temperatures, cold temperatures can cause frostbite in leaves and roots. When we grow and care for Echeveria spruce-oliver, make sure to light the Echeveria Spruce-Oliver indoors and through glass during the winter.

Watering care for growing 

The Echeveria Spruce-Oliver is drought-tolerant so it doesn't need much water. But be careful not to water the Echeveria Spruce-Oliver too much and make it look too ugly to appreciate. When we grow and care for Echeveria spruce-oliver, do not water too much in winter because the plant grows slowly, so the nutrient and water requirements are not high. Too much water in winter will cause Echeveria Spruce-Oliver root ulceration and severe root ulceration will cause the plant to die. Although the summer high temperature is also to avoid excessive watering but to follow the principle of good watering will be Echeveria Spruce-Oliver raised very well.

care for Echeveria spruce-oliver

Fertilizer care for growing Echeveria spruce-oliver

Echeveria Spruce-Oliver likes fertilizer so keep it in a fertilized state. It is generally applied every 17 days or so and generally contains low nitrogen, high phosphorus or potash fertilizer but must not apply too much of a thin layer. When we grow and care for Echeveria spruce-oliver, do not apply fertilizer to the leaves, otherwise it will form scars and affect the appearance. But when winter comes, the Echeveria Spruce-Oliver needs to stop fertilizing.

The Echeveria Spruce-Oliver method of propagation

Echeveria spruce-oliver can be propagated by cutting. Direct cuttage in the dry granular soil, after the root can be a small amount of water.

care for Echeveria spruce-oliver