Echeveria pulidonis profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 04 2020

Echeveria pulidonis profile

Echeveria pulidonis is a succulent (also called a polyplasma plant) of the genus Echeveria, which has thick and thin leaves. It is sunlight-loving and drought tolerant.Spring and autumn is its growth season.

Echeveria Pulidonis picture

Echeveria Pulidonis

Echeveria Pulidonis morphological features

Echeveria Pulidonis leaves are spoon-shaped with red tips that turn red when exposed to plenty of sunlight.The whole plant is shaped like a Lotus flower.The flowers are bell shaped and yellow in color.Flowering in spring.

Echeveria pulidonis is a Succulent perennial herb.Leaves are spatulate, rosettes, pale green, margin red.Flowering period is from spring to early summer, flowers small, yellow.

Echeveria Pulidonis

Echeveria Pulidonis life habits

Echeveria Pulidonis is sunny and drought tolerant.Spring and autumn are the growing season.The suitable temperature for growth is 18-25℃, and the temperature in winter is not less than 5℃.It likes sunny environment, also endure half overcast.Leaves that lack light turn green.Get adequate shade in summer.Echeveria Pulidonis likes more fertilizer, growing period fertilization once a month.Echeveria Pulidonis is resistant to drought, prefers dry environment.In spring and autumn two seasons, maintain a slightly moist soil basin. In the summer when the temperature is high, reduce watering.

Echeveria pulidonis origin

Echeveria Pulidonis is native to Hidalgo: Beristain, Mexico.

Echeveria Pulidonis