Echeveria moranii profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 24 2021

Echeveria moranii profile

Echeveria moranii is a succulent plant of the genus Lycophagus in the Chrysanthemum family. Echeveria moranii plant rosette, oval leaves, thick leaves, flat front, convex back, triangular front, acute, punctate texture, green to grayish blue, leaf margin is red, out of state, the plant is grayish blue, leaf margin is red, the back is obviously red.

Echeveria moranii picture

Echeveria moranii

Echeveria moranii origin distribution

Echeveria moranii mainly distributed in Mexico to the northwest of South America. At present, there are flower friends in domestic breeding, and the maintenance of the state is very good. This shows that succulents have a strong ability to adapt to the environment and grow very well from the west coast of the Pacific to the east coast of the Pacific.

Echeveria moranii morphological characteristics 

Echeveria moranii is a succulent plant of the genus Echeveria in the Chrysanthemum family having leaves arranged in a compact rosette. Leaf-blade of echeveria moranii is hypertrophy, shape was wide ovate to scatter triangular-ovate, the back of the process was keel-like, plant apex pointed. Leaf color is grayish-green, there is grayish-white matte on the leaf surface. The large temperature difference between day and night or winter low-temperature leaves are grayish-white, the leaf margin will always be red, the edge of the back of the leaf will also be slightly red. Low light leaves pale grayish green, the leaves will elongate. The foliage of the Echeveria moranii is matte, but not prone to water accumulation. Echeveria moranii needs to receive full sunshine for its bright leaf margin and compact and beautiful plant shape. Too little sunshine leaves a light, leaves arranged loosely elongated.

Winter is relatively cold, many plants can not stand the cold winter and die, especially succulent plants, it is easy to be frost and rot, so in the maintenance of succulent, according to its habits to manage. The following is the experience of raising Echeveria Moranii for you to timely maintenance.

Echeveria moranii growth habits 

Echeveria Moranii requires full sunshine and a cool, dry environment. Echeveria moranii is resistant to semi-shade and is afraid of waterlogging. It is not hot and humid.

Echeveria moranii

Echeveria moranii growing methods

1. Illumination: Echeveria moranii likes a sunny and dry environment. In winter, it should be moved outdoors for photosynthesis, drying and ventilation. Echeveria moranii grows in full sunlight, on the other hand, tend to have stout plants and compact leaves.

2. Watering: Echeveria Moranii is resistant to semi-shade and afraid of waterlogging. The water is basically cut off throughout the winter, and the water will start to be cut off slowly if the water is below 5 degrees. Too much water will cause rot and leaves to fall off.

2. Temperature: It is cold in winter, and Echeveria moranii can withstand a low temperature of about minus 4℃, so it should be moved indoors for curing. If the top growing point of leaves is too low, frostbite will appear and they will dry up and die.

3. Fertilizer: Echeveria moranii should not be fertilized in winter. In the cold winter months, Echeveria moranii grows very slowly and does not require much fertilizer and nutrients.

4. Echeveria moranii diseases and insect pests: there will be some insects parasitic on plants in winter, so we should strengthen management, such as common scale insects, red spiders, etc. Prevention and control: can use 40% oxidize lego 1000 times liquid, or 50% malathion phosphorus 1500 times liquid, or 255 imine sulfur phosphorus 1000 times liquid, or 50% dichlorvos 1000 times liquid, or 2.5% deltamethrin 3000 times liquid, spray. Spray once every 710 days for 23 consecutive times.

Echeveria moranii propagation methods

Echeveria moranii can be propagated by leaf insertion, beheading propagation.

Echeveria moranii