Echeveria Fabiola profile

Written by Maggie

Aug 24 2021

Echeveria Fabiola profile

Echeveria Fabiola is a genus of Paeoniaceae.

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Echeveria Fabiola

Morphological features of Echeveria Fabiola

Echeveria Fabiola, a garden hybrid (from the Echeveria derenbergii for the female parent and Echeveria Purpusorum Berger for the male parent), is a very beautiful variety, shaped like yamato, but with emerald green leaves and fine red streaks around the edges.

Echeveria Fabiola growth environment

Echeveria Fabiola prefers a sunny, cool, dry environment, drought resistant, not cold resistant. The spring and autumn season can be full of sunshine, avoid hot and humid summer, pay attention to prevent a long time of rain and exposure. Use parasols for proper shading. In winter it is put in the sunshine place with sufficient illumination to conserve. In the growing season, keep the pot soil moist, do not water too much. From September to June of the next year is the growth period of the plant. If there is insufficient light, the leaves of the plant will grow in vain, and the red margin of the leaves will fade to green. Plants grown in sunny places, on the other hand, tend to be short and strong and have compact leaves. In winter temperature below 5 degrees or so, slowly reduce watering, of course, you can not water. Keeping the dry basin soil can be a safe winter. 

Echeveria Fabiola does not have very high requirements on the soil, the basic requirements are loose and breathable, good drainage.

Echeveria Fabiola

Echeveria Fabiola propagation method

Echeveria Fabiola can propagate by means of plant splitting, cuttage and so on in the growing season.Generally it is decapitated baby cuttings and leaf cuttings. Cut down the plant can be directly cut in the dry granular soil, after hair roots it can be a small amount of water supply. echeveria fabiola is very easy to raise horticultural varieties;Leaf insertion method is to take full leaves, put in the shade to dry the wound, and then placed in the slightly wet soil, will slowly take root and sprout, a long time, but can grow many small side buds, side buds grow up, take down cuttings can.

Echeveria Fabiola