Echeveria Bombycina Profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 01 2021

Echeveria Bombycina Profile

Echeveria Bombycina is an artificial hybrid of the genus Echeveria in the Chrysomelaceae, produced by crossing Echeveria setosa and Echeveria pulvinata.

Echeveria Bombycina Picture

Echeveria Bombycina

Characteristics of Echeveria Bombycina

Echeveria Bombycina leaves and stems are fleshy, stems short and stout. Spatulate leaf blade is hypertrophy, leaf tip round blunt, tip often withered yellow. The whole plant has villi, and the length of white villi on the leaves can reach 0.2mm. Winter and spring flowers, racemes from the axil out, bell - shaped orange flowers.

Echeveria Bombycina is a plant of the genus Pestaloides in the Chrysanthemum family, characterized by reddish-brown tops with green leaves covered in thick downy hairs.

Habits of Echeveria Bombycina

Echeveria Bombycina prefers sunny environment, water attention to avoid the top water. During the spring and autumn growing season, the soil is completely dried before watering. Avoid the sun in summer, improve ventilation, and reduce the frequency of watering. In winter, echeveria bombycina should be placed indoors in a sunny place.

Echeveria Bombycina

Echeveria Bombycina Propagation

The methods of leaf insertion, stem insertion and equator cutting were used for Echeveria Bombycina propagation.

How to Grow and Care for Echeveria Bombycina

Echeveria Bombycina Temperature & Light Care

Echeveria Bombycina likes to grow in a sunny environment. Avoid exposure to the sun during the hot summer weather. Shade the sun properly and enhance ventilation. Winter should be placed in indoor sunny breeding.

Echeveria Bombycina Watering

The watering of Echeveria Bombycina is usually done dry and not watered. In the spring and autumn growing season, the soil should be completely dried before watering. In the rainy summer season, the watering should be controlled, the frequency of watering should be reduced, and the top water should be avoided when watering.

Echeveria Bombycina Soil Care

Echeveria Bombycina does not have very high requirements for soil, as long as it is loose and breathable and has good drainage. It can choose coal cinder mixed with peat and add perlite.

Echeveria Bombycina