Dudleya Pachyphytum profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

Dudleya Pachyphytum profile

Dudleya Pachyphytum is a succulent of the Genus Chrysopidae, Nymph cups. Dudleya Pachyphytum is native to The Baja California peninsula of Mexico.

Dudleya Pachyphytum picture

Dudleya Pachyphytum

Dudleya Pachyphytum morphological characteristics

Dudleya Pachyphytum stem

Initially erect, later hanging, more than 40 cm long, 2-5 cm in diameter. 

Dudleya Pachyphytum Indus

12 -- 22 (-33) cm in diameter, with 12 -- 25 (-35) leaves (up to 55 leaves under cultivation), compact, gasket-like, clustered to 10-20 (-50) heads, 70 cm or more in diameter. 

Dudleya Pachyphytum leaf

Leaf is ovate to elliptic, widest at base, apex rounded to broadly obtuse, 5-10 (-13) cm long, 3-5 (-7) cm wide, 15-25 mm thick, pinched, old leaves pale orange. It has 1-4 inflorescences, erect, usually two-branched, stems 20-50 (-70) cm, pinkish, pale rose-colored, base reddish-most obvious.Inflorescences 8 -- 14 cm in diameter, closely spaced with 3 -- 6 cincinny, 2 -- 3 cm long, with 5 -- 12 flowers.Pedicels erect, 2-6 mm. 

Dudleya Pachyphytum flowers

The calyx is 5 -- 9 mm;The lobes are 4-7 cm long and 2.5-4 mm wide.Corolla 8-11 mm long, 4-5 mm wide.Petals are erect, elliptic oblong, 2-3 mm wide, white, corolla tube 2-3 mm long, lobes apex slightly curved, acute. Nectary scales are white, carpels 7 -- 10 mm, styles ±1.2 -- 2 mm. 

Dudleya Pachyphytum

Dudleya Pachyphytum geographical distribution

Dudleya pachyphytum is wild in Mexico baja California Peninsula. Artificial cultivation occurs in many parts of the world.  

Dudleya Pachyphytum Care

Dudleya Pachyphytum prefers warm, dry and sunny environments, not resistant to cold, semi-shade and drought, afraid of moisture and strong light exposure, and pays attention to proper shading and ventilation in summer. In the growing season it can be full sunshine, and in winter it can be placed in the indoor light enough place for maintenance. At ordinary times, keep the basin soil moist, avoid rain and water. You can go without water in winter. It is safe to keep the soil dry during the winter.

Dudleya Pachyphytum method of reproduction

Dudleya Pachyphytum can be propagated by sowing and decapitation, or by taking side shoots for cuttage.

Dudleya Pachyphytum