Devil Ivy Profile 

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Nov 01 2021

Devil Ivy Profile 

Devil's Ivy as perennial evergreen climbing shrubs owns a great deal of  beautiful leaves. In southern areas as a vertical afforestation, it will grow in rockery, wall roots, and let it grow in nature. In the north, small and medium-sized pot - based, variable shape, small and lovely. Its tubular leaves are arranged at an Angle, much like those of a tongue-spitting cobra.

Devil's Ivy growth habit and growing environment and distribution

Ivy is a negative vine and prefers shade, but also can grow in full light. Prefer a warm and humid environment, not cold resistant. About the soil requirements, it is not strict, slightly moist, loose fertile soil is more suitable for its growth, but the saline-alkali content of the soil should not be too low. Ivy is often found on forest margins, undergrowth paths, rocks, and house walls, and is often cultivated in gardens. Northern areas are more potted and indoor, hanging or potted. (Find more best indoor hanging plants here.)

Devil's Ivy efficacy and role 

Ivy is the stem and leaf of Chinese Ivy, a plant of the Genus Ivy in the Pentacaceae family. It has the effect of dispelling wind, removing dampness, blood and detoxification. 
Indications: rheumatism, headache, dizziness, hepatitis, fall injury, sore throat, carbapenema, snake bite.

Devil's Ivy cultivation

You'd better check its growth to make sure the root is not damaged. 
Appropriate pruning: If you find that the leaves have the situation of yellow, cut off in time, at the same time, cut off the excess branches, also conducive to growth. 
Watering: watering the right amount is good, should not be too much, you can also use a small watering can to spray water on the plant. 
Environment: It should be carried out in places with weak light, avoid exposure to strong light, and pay attention to maintain ventilation. 
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Devil's Ivy flower language

Language of flowers: love, loyalty, friendship, affection
Ivy was once thought to be a magical plant, symbolizing loyalty. In Greek mythology, ivy represented Dionysus, the god of wine, and symbolized joy and vitality. It also symbolizes immortality and eternal youth.
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