How to Trim Devils Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum)

Written by Maggie

Nov 15 2021

How to Trim Devils Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum)

The Devils Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum) is easy to raise, and the growth speed is fast. Devils Ivy is a must-have member of your plant collection. It has been one of the top indoor plants for several decades, not just because of how easy they are to grow, but for the fact that you can shape and train their vines to cover the inside of your house! These are very rapidly growing plants and can grow several metres a year, meaning you can very quickly turn your house into your dream jungle. The devil's ivy in many flower friend's homes is luxuriant. Today we’ll talk about the reason that we clip the devil's ivy and how to trim devil's ivy.

devil's ivy
Devil Ivy - Most Common House Plant

Why to Trim Devil's Ivy


For other plants, pruning can promote flowering, grow new branches. But the devil's ivy is different. The biggest purpose of pruning for devil's ivy is modeling. Each pot of devil's ivy shape is not the same. There are devil’s ivy columns, there are also hanging basins. In order to maintain the devil's ivy original shape should be frequently pruned.

Grow new plant

As time grows, Devil's ivy's branch and leaf can grow longer more finely, and the branch and leaf at the bottom will gradually age, turn yellow. If not a seasonable clip, I'm afraid your Devil's ivy will become old!
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devil's ivy
Devils Ivy is one of the plants that can grow in water

How to Trim Potted Devils Ivy

The Devil's ivy that is potted can have brown columns again. When the stem and tendril of Devil's ivy climbs the brown column, and grows 20 centimeters or so, and then it's time to trim Devil's ivy. When trimming, you should pay attention to half cut, first cut off half of the stem and leaves about 40 cm, such as this part of the growth of new leaves, then cut the other half.

How to Trim Pendant Devil's ivy

There is no brown column for hanging Devil's ivy, and the trimming is based on soil. Generally it will be from the basin soil 20 centimeters of branches and leaves cut off, as long as the new leaves, in the bottom of the old leaves cut off. Trim and make sure all the branches are fresh. Pay attention to the pruning after more care, in order to benefit the growth of the plant.

devil's ivy

Devil's Ivy Care

The following aspects should be paid attention to during growing Devil's ivy: 1. Light, 2. Temperature, 3. Humidity, 4. Devil's ivy likes wet. In the growing season, appropriately water to often keep the soil moist basin, avoid dry basin soil, otherwise easy to cause yellow leaves and plant shape is not good.
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